• Used for household,office and industrial goods packaging
  • Value for money tape
  • Easily sticks to cartons

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Do Not Accept If Seal Is Broken Printed Tape, 65 Meter

"Do Not Accept If Seal Is Broken" 65 meter Printed Tape

x48 "Do Not Accept If Seal Is Broken" 65 meter Printed Tape 12
474.00 435.00 411.00 381.00 354.00
Fragile Handle With Care Printed Tape, 65 Meter

"Fragile Handle With Care" 65 meter Printed Tape

x48 "Fragile Handle With Care" 65 meter Printed Tape 12
  • High quality, full length tapes
  • Long shelf life
  • All weather durability
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High Quality Printed Tapes with Information

Printed Tapes are one of the most important elements in packaging materials. They are used to wrap around packages which are to be delivered. These packaging tapes are widely used in industrial packaging. Moreover, they are printed too and can be used to convey important information regarding the packages. They are high quality printed tapes which will keep the packages binded and secure while they are in transit. Also, the information printed on the tapes will help the people who will handle the packages.

Customized Information on Printed Tapes

We offer printed tapes in different sizes and customizable messages. These tapes come with standard printed messages such as 'Handle With Care', 'This Side up', 'Fragile goods', etc. Even if you need printed tapes with personalized messages we would be glad to provide you with that. We provide customization offers for almost all our products so that you get the packaging materials as per your requirement.

Adhesiveness of the tapes is of utmost importance and our printed tapes are highly cohesive with good quality adhesive. This ensures that these tapes stick easily with all the packaging cartons as well as surfaces. They are made to suit all the environmental conditions and can go through decent levels of humidity, cold as well as heat. Since tapes will mostly be used with packaging cartons, they are specially crafted so that they stick easily with those surfaces. The full length tapes we provide are highly reliable for long term usage and don't lose their hold easily.

Packaging tapes are also highly efficient as they get more work done with less usage thus it also helps you save money. These are the best printed tapes for packaging which you can avail from DCGpac. You can get customised stickers as well.

Buy Printed Tapes Online in India from DCGpac

These printed tapes are highly used for industrial packaging and also for packing shipping deliverables. You also get the convenience of ordering them online and save a lot of money in it. So what are you waiting for? Buy printed packing tape online from DCGpac and get it quickly delivered at your doorsteps in no time.