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Colour BOPP Tapes

Segregate your packages with Colour tapes

Having identical packaging boxes can turn out to be quite a challenge to easily sort out the packages. You cannot really unpack every box each time to find out what’s in it. This can be a truly big challenge for warehouses where you are steeped with packages. This is where colour-coding comes in handy. Coloured Tapes are often used to colour code the packages to ensure that you are able to easily sort them out.

Choose your coloured tapes from a high-quality range

Added to the advantage of colour coding packages, coloured tapes are essential in the electrical industry. You can tape the wires as per the colour required and seal or join exposed or broken wires with them. Moreover, Colored packing tapes are often used in piping and in construction where pressure-sensitive tape is required to seal a joint.

DCGpac brings to you a collection of high-quality multi-coloured packing tapes perfect for crafts, household tasks, and office or for packaging. Made from premium quality material, the tapes are layered with an acrylic adhesive coat which not just sticks easily but is also very durable. Resistant to all weather conditions, these tapes have great tensile strength as well.

Order coloured tape of your choice online from DCGpac

You can choose and order the coloured tapes online from a range of dimensions as per your requirements. Every order you place online is dispatched within a day and is delivered to your address within 7 days. You can order the products in small or in bulk quantities depending on our need. We offer our packaging products at wholesale rates giving you value for money for every purchase that you make.

DCGpac is a leading packaging product and packaging material supplier in the country. We serve scores of Industries with their packaging needs across all locations in India. Whatever be your packaging requirement, DCGpac will be able to help you with its wide assortment of high-quality packaging products and materials. We are the most trusted name in the industry with the years of experience that we bring in.