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High Quality Packaging Tapes and Tape Dispenser

Be it heavy boxes with bulk goods or small ones with fragile items, to increase the safety of the boxes in which goods are delivered, good quality packaging tapes are required. It increases the strength of the boxes and make sure that they don't become loose and weary while in transit. Among packaging materials, tapes have an important role in keeping the boxes well-binded and intact on all the sides. This is done to ensure maximum safety and protection from mishandling. Tape dispensers give you the ease of dispensing only the required amount of tape to fit your boxes ensuring no wastage of tapes and also getting things done quickly.

A Wide Range of Tapes and Tape Dispensers

Just like other packaging materials, tapes and its dispensers have a lot of variety in them. At DCGpac, all the products are of high quality thus ensuring the right amount of safety for your boxes in which you deliver goods. For every type of requirement, we cater different types of tapes.

Brown boxes would need brown tapes to resemble the color of the box. Other fancy type of boxes may need colorful adhesive tapes. To meet special requirements, we also serve double sided foam tapes, a more delicate version of the same double sided tissue tape, printed tapes for instructions like 'Handle with Care' printed on them, completely see through transparent tapes for basic usages and also white tapes. These are the wide variety of tapes that we provide which would suit almost any need you have of packaging tapes. There are many other types of tapes with varying width ranging from 0.5 to 3 inches wide.

Most of the times, we have the requirement of packing many boxes at once for bulk orders, in those times, a tape dispenser is what comes handy which makes the work a lot more faster and easier. Tape dispensers from DCGpac are extremely portable and small, which you can use single-handedly to dispense any amount of tapes you want. It looks sleek, elegant and is comfortable to hold.

All the packaging tapes are pressure sensitive tapes which can pack the boxes for safe and secure transportation. Also, they consist of an adhesive coating on a backing material which is mostly made up of polypropylene or a polyester film which ensures high strength in long and even cross directions.

Buy Tapes and Tape Dispensers Online In India from DCGpac

The only place where you can buy good quality packaging tapes and dispensers online is from DCGpac. We are one of the largest suppliers of packaging materials in India and offer great quality at an affordable cost for all our products. No matter the type of packaging tapes and tape dispensers you need, we will provide you quick deliveries just within a few days of when you order online with us. DCGpac is the most convenient way to get all your packaging material needs to be fulfilled.