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Stretch Wrap Rolls

Secure Your Shipment With Premium Stretch Film Rolls

Stretch film rolls are the additional layer of security that you need to secure your shipment effectively. These stretch rolls for packing are made of LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethene) and are wrapped around the boxes to bind them together and to the pallet tightly. At DCGpac, we have stretch wrap rolls of every size to meet the various needs of e-commerce, logistics, and every chain of industrial supply.

Enhance Your Delivery Service With The Many Benefits of Stretch Rolls For Packing

The wrapping film roll is the most economical type of packaging material at your disposal. These simple yet efficient plastic film rolls keep your cartons of products bundled together to protect them from dust and moisture. Moreover, using wrapping film rolls increases your warehouse space, makes the loading and unloading process smooth while decreasing the chances of theft and pilferage.

At DCGpac, we offer you transparent stretch wrap rolls with a thickness of 23-51 microns. These heavy-duty rolls keep your products visible, dry, and squeaky clean. Moreover, our wrapping film rolls are puncture-resistant and UV-resistant to keep your fragile shipment protected from the harmful effects of UV sun rays. Our stretch rolls for packing are also self-adhering, and the addition of resins and additives makes them sufficiently strong and clingy for an easy packing process.

Order High-Quality Stretch Film Rolls Online From DCGpac

Keep your shipment protected with high-quality stretch wrap rolls for packing by ordering them in bulk from DCGpac. We are the largest wholesale supplier of packaging materials and offer stretch wrap rolls at a cost-effective price. We dispatch your order within one day of order and deliver it to any location within 5 days. We also offer the option of GST invoicing. So, don’t think twice before ordering from us as we are happy to deliver orders of small quantities as well.