• Pack your small gift items beautifully
  • Add colorful ribbons or stickers
  • Use this as primary packing, use secondary packaging for shipping
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Paper Pillow Box

White Paper Pillow Box, 300GSM

84 x29 x84 3.2x1.2x3.2White Paper Pillow Box, 300GSM 100
824.62 765.71 714.67 670.00 630.59
Paper Pillow Box

White Paper Pillow Box, 300GSM

130 x38 x146 5.7X1.5x5.1White Paper Pillow Box, 300GSM 100
976.92 907.14 846.67 793.75 747.06
Paper Pillow Box

White Paper Pillow Box, 300GSM

159 x51 x298 6.3x2x11.8White Paper Pillow Box, 300GSM 100
1461.54 1357.14 1266.67 1187.50 1117.65
  • 300 GSM white eye-catching finish
  • Glossy finish on exterior
  • Die-cut paper box, light in weight, save shipping costs
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  • Accessories
  • Gadgets
  • Earphones
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Buy Paper Pillow Box Online at Best Prices in India

Want to present a small but unique gift to someone special? Now make your gifting experience memorable with the unique gift packing in paper pillow boxes offered by DCGPAC. Add colourful ribbons or stickers to enhance the beauty of your gift package. These boxes serve as excellent primary packaging, while a secondary packaging can be done over it to protect this beautiful gift pack during shipping.

The boxes are of 300 GSM, are white in colour with an eye catching finish and a glossy touch on the exterior. Order the paper pillow boxes and these get shipped to your doorstep and also save shipping costs.