• Cost efficient and quality packaging
  • Can be used to wrap shipments, book covers, gifts and protect surfaces from paint and other messy mateials
  • Can also be used as space filler to cushion goods
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Kraft Paper Roll

100 Meter Kraft Paper Roll (1 to 2 Week Delivery)

23100 Meter Kraft Paper Roll (1 to 2 Week Delivery) 5
1197.00 997.50 855.55 741.31
Kraft Paper Roll

100 Meter Kraft Paper Roll (1 to 2 Week Delivery)

36100 Meter Kraft Paper Roll (1 to 2 Week Delivery) 5
1764.00 1470.70 1260.33 1092.11
  • Virgin kraft paper roll
  • 180 GSM (22BF) paper used
  • Matte and smooth finish
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Buy Brown Kraft Paper Rolls Online in India for Low Cost Packaging

When we think of packaging goods, we have a lot of options to choose from. What we want is the most reliable solution at the best price possible. Sometimes even the price doesn't matter where the safety of our goods is concerned. The brown kraft paper rolls are one solution for multiple pain points. They are useful for many purposes that keep your goods in a safe condition. They come handy while packing, wrapping, cushioning, and binding of packages among various other uses. You can buy these kraft paper rolls online from DCGpac at unbelievable prices.

Brown Wrapping Paper Rolls Give Additional Protection

The safety of our goods is always our top most concern but if we don't take adequate measures, we might end up risking the product and the subsequent delivery as well. For the best protection in the most cost effective way, you must choose these brown wrapping paper rolls. They are used for multiple purposes that let you give an additional layer of protection to the goods inside the packaging.

The kraft paper rolls can be used for low cost packaging at great quality. They are also largely used for wrapping goods in them as they provide superior protection from external factors. When we pack in goods for shipping sometimes there are voids of space left inside the packaging. If we pack that empty space with these kraft paper rolls, they can be a good cushion for the products inside. This increases the safety quotient of the packaging a notch higher.

The materials used for making these kraft paper rolls are of high quality. They are made up of 180 gsm paper and comply with strength standards of 22 BF. They also have a matte and smooth finish on their exterior side which feels good to hold.

The Leading Kraft Paper Supplier Online in India, DCGPAC

DCGPAC is one of the leading kraft paper suppliers in India known for providing the best packaging materials. You can buy kraft paper rolls online  at prices lower than anywhere else. By ordering with us, you save your money and time both. We assure you of quick deliveries on all our products.