• These hologram labels prevents replication of products by fraudulent companies
  • Protect brand and duplication
  • Can be applied on sensitive equipment, pharmaceuticals and electronic items

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Hologram Sticker

Single Color White "VOID" Security Label in Rectangular Size

0.75x1.5Single Color White "VOID" Security Label in Rectangular Size 24
15.00 12.00 10.50 9.00
  • 30 micron thickness tamper evident holographic label
  • Non-residue and self destructive.
  • 2D/3D hologram with laser printing.
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Genuine Brand Hologram Stickers And Labels

The biggest asset that we have of our business is our brand identity. People trust and identify companies by their brand names. In the recent times, many small ventures have tried to copy the original brand. They severely compromise with the quality and provide fake products but with good brand names. This is the worst which can happen if you are a company producing quality trustworthy products. To prevent such fallacy from happening to your brand, you must take adequate protection for the same. Hologram stickers are one of the best ways to show the authenticity of your brand. When a buyer sees the proper hologram sticker of a company, he immediately trusts the brand and doesn’t hesitate to buy the product.

Protect Brand Identity With Hologram Stickers

People trust a brand more than anything else. They judge the quality of the product from it's brand and if quality products are delivered to them they expect the same quality to be delivered for every order. To ensure we live up to the reputation of quality products, hologram stickers are a necessaity.

One of the most important benefits of these hologram stickers is that they provide anti-counterfeit detection. They can be easily applied to sensitive equipments, pharmaceuticals and electronic items. They protect our brand identity from those who attempt to duplicate our products.

The materials used for making these hologram stickers are of superior quality. They are of 30 micron thickness and are tamper proof. They are self destructive and leave no residue. We offer 2D and 3D holograms with laser printing. DCGPAC is the place to look out for when you want to buy hologram stickers online.

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