Earn Reward Points

1. Click the below link shows on center bottom of the page.

Earn Reward Points

2. For earn reward points click Sign up, Purchase, Friend share, Birthday Reward, Share Website on Facebook or Twitter, Like the page on Facebook .  

Earn Reward Points Popup

Conditions :

  • Place online order + 1 point for every ₹ 1

    Points will be awarded when the order is either paid or shipped

  • Refer friends + 1500 points for their sign up in store

    Customer will earn points when the referral customers opens a new account with us.

    Each referred customer gets a unique discount code

  • First purchase by referred customer + 1500 points

    Customers will earn points when their friends makes their first purchase

    Each referred customer gets a unique discount code

  • Write a review + 250 points

    Customers will earn points when they write a review

  • Facebook like + 100 points

    First like on every new post

  • Pay with Cash On Delivery + 75 bonus points

    When the order is delivered.

  • Order 5 or more products + Receive double points

    Points will be double when customers order have different SKUs

  • New sign up in the store + 1000 points

    Awarded to customers who signup after your points program is launched

  • Birthdays + 2500 points

    Customers must enter their date of birth at least 1 month before being rewarded

Spending Points

(each point is worth ₹ 0.01)

  1. Points would expire 2 years
  2. A customer can apply only 70 points on an order.