• Reliable long shelve life
  • Used widely in reinforcing corrugated boxes and other packages
  • Used extensively in E-Commerce packaging
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Cross Filament Tape, 45 Meter

45 Meter Cross Filament PP Tape

245 Meter Cross Filament PP Tape 1
303.87   233.75
  • Fibreglass filaments embedded tape
  • High tensile strenght
  • Polypropylene film coated on tape
  •  Pressure sensitive adhesive
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High Quality Cross Filament Tapes Online in India

If you have ever been entrusted with the task of packing, you must have witnessed the battle one has to go through with the tape. You fight with the tape, it does not stick and the package rips! That just raises your heartbeat and increases the anxiety. If you are in the packing industry, you wouldn’t want this to happen. That’s why we bring to you cross filament tape, which is reliable, durable and an affordable accessory for all your packaging needs.

Why you should buy cross filament tape online?

Why should you buy this tape? Why not a brown or transparent tape?

Well, while a brown or a transparent tape is great for packaging purposes, a cross filament tape is crucial for your packaging needs as well. This kind of tape is pressure sensitive tape and therefore, it has a high tensile strength. DCGPAC’s tape has high quality fiberglass filaments added to the product which gives it exceptional strength. So, the capacity of the material to withstand loads increases. This gives the product an edge, a reason why you should buy it online without a hassle.

Cross Filament Tape doesn’t rip apart!

The ultimate tensile strength is high, which resists the material being pulled apart. Therefore, the maximum strength that your box can endure can increase. Since the tape doesn’t risk being ripped apart, you don’t have to worry about the contents of the packaging spilling or destroying or losing their value during the shipment process.

Cross Filament Tape Functions

An excellent addition for your packaging needs, cross filament tape from DCGPAC functions effectively. It can be used for bundling items or for pallet unitizing purposes. We also recommend the product for closing corrugated fiberboard boxes. If you are concerned about the tensile strength of a packaged box, reinforce it using this tape.

How to buy cross filament tape online?

With DCGPAC, ordering online is a hassle free experience. The product is listed with the image and for heavy carton packaging, you can simply add it to your buying cart. Select the number of pieces for the product and get ultimate discounts if you buy a large number of pieces.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the packing with our ultimate packaging solutions!