Why Zomato Introduced Tamper Proof Tapes?

Believe it or not, there have been instances where valets of select food delivery services were seen consuming food from packages that were supposed to be delivered. While a few of these incidents were reported individually by the customers, some were even captured on camera and further substantiated as valid evidence. That said, in the wake of these unfortunate incidents pertaining to lack of human judgment, Zomato, one of the leading food delivery services in India finally decided to introduce tamper-proof tapes. While this initiative was a carefully devised one, the main aim of this was to save the customer from getting conned and even help the valets resist temptations, if any.

However, before moving further into this discussion and dissecting Zomato’s actual thought process behind the introduction of tamper-proof tapes, it is important to understand the role of tamper-proof packaging, in regard to the food industry. This understanding will help us gain some additional insights regarding Zomato’s highly intuitive move.

The Concept behind Tamper-Proof Packages and Accessories

Whenever a discussion regarding tamper-proof packaging shoots up, security comes forth as the primary cause for concern. However, in most cases, apart from security, tamper-proof packages are also used to safeguard the entire supply chain, starting from manufacturing to product delivery. While there are many verticals that can be catered to with tamper-proof packages and accessories, for now, we will restrict our discussion to the food industry.

One such example where tamper-proof accessories can secure the food products for the customers is the evolution of tapes and customized packets. A majority of these accessories are mostly tamper-evident which means that if someone interferes with the sanctity of the package, the end-user would definitely know. Apart from tamper-evident options, there are proper tamper-resistant packets that make it quite hard to access the eatables inside the packet.

Types of Tamper-Proof Packaging

For now, we will just talk about the concept of tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packages as both can be included under the common discussion about tamper-proof packaging. As mentioned previously, food delivery services like Zomato made tamper-proof tapes public which in a way are ways to protect the food package and not to render it impenetrable. Moreover with other food delivery service providers, both in India and abroad, facing similar issues with food delivery, it’s time that these tamper-proof options are introduced, albeit on a larger scale. 

However, if the packages are made impenetrable it would repel many customers as easy-open packaging is the major driving force behind the success of the food industry. Therefore tamper-proof tapes are the best possible bets as they secure the package from all the sides; thereby offering a tamper-evident scenario for the customers to work with.

How Tamper-Proof Tapes are Expected to Work?

Tamper-Proof tapes, as introduced by Zomato, will work as shrink bands, similar to the ones used for securing ice-creams. What makes these tapes functional is the company label which if interfered with cannot be restored back to normal. Previously, as encountered by unhappy customers, there were instances where food items were partially consumed and then delivered to the customer with random packaging. While some who could identify this reported the incidents, others consumed the half-eaten food without even understanding what happened. Tamper-proof tapes would now make sure that every food item is packed using the Zomato labeled tape and if someone tries to break the seal, there would be evidence.

How Tamper-Proof Tapes can Make Life Easier for Businesses, Consumers, and even the Delivery Agents?

There are many supply chain issues that can be dealt with these tamper-proof tapes. Firstly, they give a sense of security to the customers who order food online and wait for a long time to get it delivered. Now the customers will have a one-stop validation agent at their fingertips and they can be rest assured that the package that’s getting delivered to them will be in the best possible condition.

The delivery agents will have no choice but to deliver food items without even trying to consume them. Any act of discrepancy will be identified almost immediately. Lastly, food delivery businesses will be the happiest as they won’t have to individually monitor product deliveries now with the tapes in place.

That said, tamper-proof tapes can also mitigate issues pertaining to food adulteration, intoxication, theft, and other forms of unscrupulous activities. Moreover, companies can also make use of these tapes for ascertaining the freshness of the food items as in case of innovative tapes, if and when introduced; the pasting might wear off after a certain period of time.

Tamper-proof packages are in fashion and they are slowly but steadily making their presence felt, in regard to the food delivery business. While at present we just have tamper-proof tapes to work with, it’s only a matter of time that companies start pushing other tamper-resistant variants for additional safety, security, and amplified customer satisfaction levels.