Triangular White Corrugated  Box

Triangular White Corrugated Box

  • Used in packing eatables and automobile equipments
  • Specially used for packing triangular shape objects
  • Can be used for packing irregular shapes

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Triangular White Corrugated  Box

White Triangular Box

330x70x305 13.0x2.8x12.0 White Triangular Box 1
21.25 20.12 19.46 17.99 16.88
VAT applicable is 5.00%
  • Sandwich
  • Puffs
  • French Fries
  • Flash Drive
  • Gear Cutting Tools & Forming Racks
  • White corrugated triangular box
  • 3 ply white corrugated box with two side opening
  • White duplex paper of 230 GSM, semi kraft paper of 120 GSM and kraft paper of 180 GSM
  • Sandwich
  • Puffs
  • French Fries
  • Flash Drive
  • Gear Cutting Tools & Forming Racks
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High Utility Triangular White Corrugated Boxes

When you have to ship goods of irregular shapes and sizes, these triangular white corrugated boxes are your best bet. Though mostly they are used for objects which are triangular in shape but in general they can be used for other irregular shaped objects as well. They are largely used for kitchen items and food materials too. Pizza chains use them on a daily basis where in they can pack slices of pizza within these triangular white corrugated boxes. They are used for various other purposes and pack in efficiency more than any other box available.

Efficient and Durable Triangular White Corrugated Boxes

When you need to deliver goods, which are of different shapes other than the regular squares or cubes then these triangular white corrugated boxes come in handy. They are super efficient as they are rightly shaped for triangular goods. When we try to fit in goods of other shapes we can only accommodate very few items which keep the maximum space empty. With these triangular white corrugated boxes, you get the maximum efficiency.

We offer these boxes in various sizes so that you can get just the exact size you need. Even if you don't find the size you require, just leave an inquiry and we will get back to you with the customization we can offer. The triangular white corrugated boxes are also used widely in delivering automobile equipments which have the same kind of shape and size.

These triangular corrugated boxes are white in colour and any labels or stickers you put on these boxes will stand out in the white background. They are strong and robust in nature which will make sure that your goods stay safe inside the boxes for long distance shipping. You can get various types of triangular white corrugated boxes online from DCGPAC.

Buy Triangular White Corrugated Boxes Online from DCGPAC

We offer the best quality products at highly affordable prices from DCGPAC. You can buy triangular box online in India from DCGPAC and get the convenience of quick deliveries right at your doorsteps.

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