• Cushioned to protect fragile items
  • Ideal for packing small and fragile items
  • Air bubbles provide superior cushioning and self seal provides security
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Self Seal Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM self seal air bubble envelope

254x305 10x12 70 GSM self seal air bubble envelope 1
4.72 3.77 3.40 3.21 3.02
Self Seal Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM self seal air bubble envelope

305x406 12x16 70 GSM self seal air bubble envelope 1
6.63 5.30 4.77 4.51 4.24
Self Seal Bag, 70 GSM

70 GSM self seal air bubble envelope

152x178 6x7 70 GSM self seal air bubble envelope 1
2.40 1.92 1.73 1.63 1.53
  • 70 GSM air bubble envelope
  • 1/2" easy self sealing tape on top
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Self Sealing Bubble Bags with Bubble Out Cushioning

If you often send small fragile items through courier or deliver them to your customers, you definitely need these self sealing bubble bags. Envelopes like we all know are only used for packing small goods. If the goods are fragile and can easily break, we must use these self seal bubble pouches for the adequate amount of protection that these kinds of goods need. With the high amount of air bubbles out in the envelopes, it makes sure that the goods inside them get superior cushioning. They are also self-sealing so it gets really convenient to pack them without using any additional adhesive. Get self seal bubble envelope of the best quality from DCGPAC.

Safe And Secure Self Seal Bubble Pouches

The safety of our goods is the primary concern when we send them across to someone. When it comes to fragile goods, we need to take additional efforts to keep our goods in a safe and secure condition. Nothing better than these self sealing air bubble pouches that would help us ensure that!

They have peel and seal tapes on the top portion of the pouch which provides hassle free sealing unlike other packaging envelopes. No more playing with adhesives and getting dirty. It also helps us save cost in sealing of the envelopes.

These self seal bags are made of premium superior quality materials. This envelope is of 70 gsm which is strong enough to hold goods which are a little heavy too. The seal tape provided on the top is of ½ inches and this provides sufficient amount of adhesiveness to seal the envelope perfectly. The air bubbles out provide adequate cushioning to all the goods which ensures maximum safety while the goods are in transit.

Buy Self Seal Bubble Bags Online in India from DCGPAC

To avail these self seal bubble bags online at the cheapest prices, get them from DCGPAC. We are the largest online supplier of packaging materials in India and offers products of great quality at the best possible prices. Order self seal bubble pouches online and be at the convenience of getting quick deliveries right at your doorsteps.