Folder Wrap-Around Boxes

  • Mostly used for book packaging
  • Fuss free packaging
  • Non damaging for book edges
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Folder Wrap-Around Box, 3Ply

3 Ply Folder Wrap Around Box

234x178x51 9.2x7x2 3 Ply Folder Wrap Around Box 1
11.29   5.00
Folder Wrap-Around Box, 3Ply

3 Ply Folder Wrap Around Box

300x246x51 11.7x9.7x2 3 Ply Folder Wrap Around Box 1
19.35 17.65 16.90 16.22 15.58
Folder Wrap-Around Box, 3Ply

3 Ply Folder Wrap Around Box

216x140x64 8.5x5.5x2.5 3 Ply Folder Wrap Around Box 1
7.10 6.47 6.20 6.73 5.71
  • 3 ply wrap-around box
  • Multiple creasing on both sides
  • Die-cut brown kraft paper box
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Easy to Use Folder Wrap Around Boxes

If you are looking for a fuss free packaging experience then choose the folder wrap-around boxes. They are extremely easy to use when it comes to quickly packaging an item. Largely, the folder-wrap around boxes is used for the delivery of the books. It is the best option for packaging books for deliveries because of their open packaging surface. They are also sometimes used in packaging apparels as the structure stays the same. Photo frames are another example of what we can pack inside these wrap-around boxes.

Multi-Purpose Folder Wrap Around Boxes

If you are a book lover, you definitely don't want to see your books in bad condition. Moreover, when you want to deliver books you have to ensure that they reach the intended person in the same condition as you sent the book. Paperback books are delicate and there is a high chance that books may get folded from the corners or some pages may tear.

These folder wrap-around boxes are the perfect packaging options for books as they are open from all the sides and you just have to wrap them around the books. If you are an E-Commerce platform who delivers a lot of books every day then this is the most efficient and simple way to pack them. They are easy to pack as well as to remove.

The edges of the books don't stay protective as they sometimes get folded due to mishandling during deliveries. To avoid them, pack them in folder wrap-around boxes. They are made from Kraft paper and 3 ply cardboard which makes them strong enough to protect a book from any kind of damage. To buy a folder wrap around box online, look nowhere else than DCGPAC.

Buy Folder Wrap Box Online in India from DCGPAC

To avail the best quality products at the cheapest prices, get them from DCGPAC. Buy folder wrap box online from us and get them at extremely low and wholesale prices. Order it online to get them quickly delivered to your doorsteps.

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