Strapping Clip

Strapping Clip

  • Strapping clip is used to hold straps together securely
  • Unbreakable and safe
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to store

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Strapping Clip

Aluminium Strapping Clips

35mmx12.5mm Aluminium Strapping Clips 100
43.96 41.00 39.00 37.00 35.00
VAT extra @ 12.50%.
  • All weather durability
  • Resistant to corrosions
  • Long life and high reliability
Usage No
SKU Strapping_Clip
high_volume_rate No
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Easy To Use Strapping Clips

One of the most commonly used packaging materials is strapping rolls or wraps. When your strap the boxes, you need something to hold both the ends of the straps. This is where the strapping clips come into play. The strapping clips come handy during the transportation of the packaging boxes or even during storage. We must use tools that make our work more efficient and productive and strapping clips are among those tools. You can buy good quality strapping clip online from DCGPAC.

Shop Unbreakable Strapping Clips

Strapping clips as the name says are used for holding both the ends of the straps while packaging and transporting the boxes. We offer the best quality clips you can purchase in the market. These clips are one of the essential items you must have in your packaging materials kit.

The strapping clips are made up of superior quality aluminium and being so, they are resistant to corrosion. This ensures that they are highly reliable, durable and have a longer life. They are also perfectly suited for all kinds of weather conditions because aluminium does not get affected by weather. With the availability of various sizes, you can choose the appropriate type of strapping clips you want. The perfect clip would be one that can match the width of your seal to the width of your strapping. It will ensure best performance for the strapping clips.

Strapping Clips are very easy to store and handle. The clips we offer you are unbreakable, so be assured of its quality. They are also immune to all kinds of damages caused by natural elements.

Buy Strapping Clip Online in India from DCGPAC

You can buy all kinds of strapping clips at DCGPAC so choose a clip which matches your strapping. We believe in offering the best products at the lowest prices to our customers. You can buy strapping clips online at astonishingly low prices which is also cheaper than what you can get from elsewhere in the market. Order them now to get quick deliveries right at your doorstep.

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