Bubble Laminated Envelopes

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  • Superior cushioning and surface protection
  • Used extensively to send small breakable and fragile items
  • Light weight envelopes ensures low shipping costs
  • Self adhesive edge
  • Excellent tear strength and Durability

  • Available in different sizes and Completely customizable

  • Fine finishing

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Size (Inches)
Description Pcs Price Per Pcs
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Bubble Laminated Envelope, 50 Micron, 6x6

50 micron thickness

152x152 6x6 50 micron thickness 1
10.59 8.47 7.62 7.06 6.78
Bubble Laminated Envelope, 50 Micron

50 micron thickness

483x381 19x15 50 micron thickness 1
45.59 36.47 32.82 31.00 29.18
Bubble Laminated Envelope, 50 Micron

50 micron thickness

254x203 10x8 50 micron thickness 1
17.39 13.91 12.52 11.82 11.13
Bubble Laminated Envelope, 50 Micron

50 micron thickness

305x254 12x10 50 micron thickness 1
24.39 19.51 17.55 16.58 15.60
Bubble Laminated Envelope, 50 Micron

50 micron thickness

406x305 16x12 50 micron thickness 1
35.45 28.35 25.52 24.11 22.68
  • Superior cushioning and surface protection

  • Envelopes bubble inside protect the item from shock

  • Seamless bottom affords additional cushioning along with greater overall strength and safety

  • Light weight envelopes Ensures low shipping cost

  • Seamless bottom affords additional cushioning along with greater strength and safety

  • Sealed from three sides

  • Air bubbled interior protects the item from damage
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Bubble Envelopes and Mailers for Shipping at Wholesale Prices

To send something important and delicate via mail that needs to reach safely, these light weight bubble envelopes are the appropriate choice. These bubble mailers are extra protective than the usual paper envelopes as they are laminated and layered with bubble wraps on the inside. The lamination ensures outer safety and the bubble wraps provide the needed cushion to what is packed inside. Owing to the materials used in making these envelopes, they keep the goods in a safe condition while they are in transit.

Safe and Secure Bubble Wrap Envelopes

These bubble wrap envelopes are mostly used in sending CDs and DVDs because they give adequate amount of surface protection. They also protect those fragile discs from breaking. The bubble wraps lined on the inside of the envelope increase the safety quotient of these packages.

They provide exceptional cushioning to the goods packed inside as mostly these bubble envelopes are used to send small goods which are fragile in nature. They are also ideally made for long distance shipping as they can be sometimes mishandled while in transit. The soft bubble cushion ensures that they can take a certain amount of roughness.

These air bubble lined laminated envelopes are made of high quality materials and are durable enough to protect the goods inside them. They are sealed on three sides with one opening to improve the quality of these envelopes. The air bubbles on the mailers ensure that they are shockproof and can absorb shock while they are being delivered. You can also be assured of the safety of your goods with this premium quality bubble wrap envelope.

Buy Bubble Envelopes Online In India Available in Small, Medium And Large Sizes

DCGpac is the largest online bubble envelopes supplier in India so be assured of the quality of all the products we offer. One of the key advantages of these bubble mailers is that they are really light weight so you also save on your shipping costs. They are available at extremely low prices at DCGpac. Order them online and get it delivered within 24 hours anywhere in India.

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