Communication is the Key to Make Your Customers Happy

DCGpac Reviews

Apart from the feeling that you get, there is something more important at times you receive, which is very important for a business and that is- feedback. The thing with feedback is, you have to ask for it all the time, but if you get it without asking, it is a million dollar advice. Customer feedback for DCGpac is invaluable.

Here are some DCGpac reviews which were insightful for us:-

“Dear Geeta, Thank you for processing the order and delivering it on time just as mentioned. Thank you for replacing the out of stock items in the order with the appropriate items. PP Corrugated Box of the requested size were out of stock, but have been replaced with next bigger size. Only 5 boxes were delivered of the requested 50 boxes. When informed, correction was made and 50 boxes were delivered again by keeping track of the courier. Thank you. Only one concern is the boxes are very dusty, and do not have a new look. May not be used items, but could be by the way they are stored and packed. It will take me many hours for me to clean them. Please take care of this.” – Shree Laxshmi

The customer was happy with the prompt service. What we learned from this was prompt service is not only important to deliver the product which is ready in stock, in fact making a correction in time is what really counts. Although the real feedback was at the end; the dusty boxes. We discovered the issue was from our shipping vendor as they had recently shifted their godown.

“Awesome service by Nishita once again. Thank you for arranging all the required material in such a short span of time. As I wanted to receive the material within a very short span of time and keeping this in mind Nishita has been very proactive throughout the process from the time of ordering till the time of delivery. My every email was replied within few minutes. Thank you Nishita for your support and awesome service.” – Monica Bansal

There always are glitches in every system or process. Temporary snags are a part of it and that could not be in anyone’s control beyond a point. In such a situation what is more imperative is to be with the customer at every level. Customers seek a response in terms of a status update. Even if a delivery is delayed, just keep them posted.

“Ordered a few samples which reached on time, good quality too. I hope the service standards are kept when i place a bulk order.” – Nandita Aron

You might have the best product but the way you deal with people ultimately makes the difference. Your customer support plays a big role in customer satisfaction and to meet the expectation one needs to have a thriving customer support. Customer interaction, handling grievances, frequent trainings, handling disgruntled customers and at time human psychology are things you instill your customer care team.

“The quality of your products is amazing. I never knew people put that kind of efforts in providing packaging materials. I come across many different packaging providers but didn’t happen to see them so close till the date.”- Kapil Sharma 

Yet at the same time, your product has to be class apart, be it at any level of the product chain. Here the customer wondered about the quality of the packaging material provided to him. He never made a conscious effort toward it in the past but came across this time and was astonished by the fact of the quality in packaging.