A New Grandeur: Glass Packaging

Glass Packaging.

Plastic today is substituting everything. Being more tensile, unbreakable, flexible and lighter it is substituting its contemporaries at a fast rate. Yet there is one packaging material which is finding its new place in the world of packaging- Glass. From times immemorial glass has been used for food packaging. Sauces, ketchups, juices, jams and all […]

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Thermoforming: A Custom Package

Thermoforming Custom Package

The packaging of any product is a crucial factor that cannot be overlooked. Every business that delivers products to the customers focuses on the packaging part. The packaging must be durable, strong and preventive. The transit damages can cause heavy loss and that can be avoided only if the packaging part is well built. The customized […]

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Product Packaging: An Investment for Higher Returns

Product Packaging

Packaging turns out to be one of those elements which have a direct impact on the sales of a product. Hence it is always considered as an investment when you spend on the packaging of your product. Packaging has a massive impact on your potential customers and their buying decision. Hence, every time you think […]

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Best Packaging Design Trends For The Year 2017

Packaging Design Trends 2017

Packaging is directly associated with marketing. It is the packaging of a product that instigates people to make an instant buying decision based on the appearance of what the product has been wrapped in. This is the reason why you would never want to dress your product shabbily. You may have an amazing product but […]

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Stand Out with Unique Packaging

Unique Packaging

Step into the market and you will witness a range of products that offer various services and are often similar to one another. Yet, there’s something that makes them different! What is it? The price? Maybe. The Quality? Yes!! The packaging?? Never thought of it? Then as a businessman, you are surely depriving your product […]

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How the New Face of Home Delivery will Transform Packaging?

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging drives in a lot of consumers towards your brand. After all, it is the packaging of the product that grabs attention of the customers appeals them towards it. Ever heard of smart packaging? In case you haven’t, you will! Smart packaging: When you talk about smart packaging, you need to realize the fact […]

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Global Bottled Water Packaging Market 2016-2020 – Increased

Boxed Water is Better

There have been many market researchers who have presented the detailed segmentation about the bottled water packaging system. The system varies upon the type of material being used for packaging (plastic, glass, etc) and the geographical areas also (America, Europe, etc). The reason of providing packaged bottled water is just to give safe drinking water […]

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Things to Consider When Deciding Product Packaging for Retail Success

Product Packaging Boxes

What is the biggest mistake that most start-ups make? They focus excessively on the product.  The enthusiasm is understandable but without adequate attention being given to the product packaging, the product could be exposed to considerable risk. If the customers receive damaged products, then it will ruin the reputation of the company and this can […]

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What Do Customers Expect From E-Commerce Packaging

E-Commerce Packaging

There is absolutely no doubt that e-commerce is booming in the country. As is pretty evident, packaging plays an important role in developing customer perception about the brand and achieving adequate customer satisfaction levels. Even then, not all online sellers actually spend a lot of time and effort on coming up with a custom packaging […]

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