A New Grandeur: Glass Packaging

Glass Packaging.

Plastic today is substituting everything. Being more tensile, unbreakable, flexible and lighter it is substituting its contemporaries at a fast rate. Yet there is one packaging material which is finding its new place in the world of packaging- Glass. From times immemorial glass has been used for food packaging. Sauces, ketchups, juices, jams and all […]

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Thermoforming: A Custom Package

Thermoforming Custom Package

The packaging of any product is a crucial factor that cannot be overlooked. Every business that delivers products to the customers focuses on the packaging part. The packaging must be durable, strong and preventive. The transit damages can cause heavy loss and that can be avoided only if the packaging part is well built. The customized […]

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5 Top Picks for Mother’s Day Celebration

Mothers Day

Being mother is a thankless and the most rewarding job on this planet. Yet, how often do you tell your mom that is she is special for you? Not too often? Well then while you must treat your mum special everyday, Mother’s Day is the one-day of the year when you can go above and […]

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Technology and Packaging: Know What’s Trending!

Technology and Packaging

It is a much known fact that a product’s packaging differentiates your product and brand from that of your competitors. It has now become the medium of communication between the consumer and the product. This is the reason why manufacturing companies are encouraging new packaging technologies; so as to make sure that their products enhance […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Shipping More Brandable

Custom Shipping Boxes

Packaging materials an turn out to be a boon for your brand if used correctly and wisely. After all, you can always squeeze out a bit of marketing and branding via the packaging of your product. But, how? Here are 5 ways that can help you get there via packaging! Check it out: 1. Custom […]

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What Packaging Essential do you Need This Summer?

Packaging Essential

With the commencement of summer, different market sectors are witnessing trends in their businesses that will now be called as summer trends. Hence it is very important for you to keep up with the pace and deliver your product accordingly, so that you don’t lose out on the sales. With summers right at the door, […]

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Product Packaging: An Investment for Higher Returns

Product Packaging

Packaging turns out to be one of those elements which have a direct impact on the sales of a product. Hence it is always considered as an investment when you spend on the packaging of your product. Packaging has a massive impact on your potential customers and their buying decision. Hence, every time you think […]

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Pressure Witnessed in Print Price and Margins Globally!

Print Price and Margins

Since ages, print price and margins have been under pressure. However, lately it has been proved that this is not just the scenario in India, but it has been witnessed globally. Going by the reports of Messe Dusseldorf’s 4th drupe global trends, it is claimed that the pressure has been witnessed globally. The survey is based on […]

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Why Use Transparent Packaging For Your Product?

consider packaging

Packaging turns out to be the image maker of any brand. It is one of the elements contributes greatly in the decision making of any consumer. When you consider packaging as per the point of view of the consumers, you need to realize the fact that consumers always will prefer packaging that is little more […]

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