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White Tuck In Boxes

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Starting at Starting at ₹293.08 Earn 6 Reward Points

  • Used for shipping and storage of items of all sizes
  • Easy to use and convenient to ship

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Size (Inches)
Pcs/Pack Price Per Pack
1 3 5 10 20
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White Tuck In Box, 3Ply, 4x3x2

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply 102 x76 x51 4x3x2 50
293.08 271.69 256.45 233.09 213.53
White Tuck In Box, 3Ply

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply 127 x102 x51 5x4x2 50
298.31 276.09 258.45 241.54 226.88
White Tuck In Box, 3Ply

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply 178 x76 x51 7x3x2 50
363.85 341.79 324.08 305.93 282.94
White Tuck In Box, 3Ply

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply

White Tuck In Box, 3Ply 203 x102 x51 8x4x2 50
388.46 369.52 351.22 327.37 310.56
Reverse Tuck-Box, 3Ply, (3

Reverse Tuck-Box, 3Ply

Reverse Tuck-Box, 3Ply 76 x76 x51 3x3x2 50
392.31 359.15 335.53 314.81
  • 3 Ply boxes
  • 1 white duplex paper of 230 GSM, 1 kraft paper of 120 GSM (22 BF) and 1 semi kraft (agro) paper in 180 GSM (20 BF)
  • Durable, recyclable and 100% leak-proof
More Information
  • Accessories
  • Watch
  • Pen
  • Handmade Gift Items
  • Battery/Cell
SKUWhite Tuck In Boxes
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Convenient and Easy to use Tuck-in Boxes Online

If your work involves shipping or storing of cubical items or medium and large shaped goods, then you definitely need tuck-in boxes. They are properly shaped to hold most of the goods which are cubical in shape. These cardboard boxes are strong and robust enough to keep the goods inside them in a safe condition. They are brilliantly suited to pack small items and are convenient to move around. The white tuck-in boxes are also easy to use so that you can pack your goods hassle free.

Tuck-in boxes for goods of various sizes

No matter what the size of your goods are, we have tuck-in boxes of different sizes to suit your needs. These boxes come really handy when you have to ship items safely and securely to the destination of your choice. Also, if you just need to store goods in your warehouse, these boxes can be used for maximum leverage. They are extremely convenient to use whether you have to ship the products or just store them.

The white tuck-in boxes are made up of high-quality materials and they include 1 kraft paper of 230 GSM and 22 BF strength, another kraft paper of 120 GSM and same strength of 22 BF, a semi kraft agro paper of 180 GSM and strength of 20 GSM. With the best quality materials in place, be assured that these tuck-in boxes are durable and apt for storing or shipping your goods. They are designed to be 100% leak-proof and non-breakable in structure.

Buy Tuck-in boxes online in India from DCGpac

DCGpac offers the best quality products when it comes to packaging materials and at the best prices. Needless to say, these boxes are made from the best quality materials available. They are extremely useful for shipping and storing small items. You can avail them from DCGpac at astonishingly low prices. Buy tuck-in boxes online from DCGpac and get the convenience of ordering it right from your device. Also get it quickly delivered when you order from DCGpac.

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