Milky White Security Bags

  • Lightweight, saves on shipping costs
  • Greater security as these bags can only be opened by cutting them
  • Hot melt adhesive strip on the top

  • Grey/black colour theme inside polyethylene

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Milky White Security Bag Without POD, 60 Micron+2

60 micron without POD + 2'' flap

305 x254 12x1060 micron without POD + 2'' flap 1
3.40   2.72
Milky White Security Bag Without POD, 60 Micron+2

60 micron without POD + 2'' flap

305 x127 12X560 micron without POD + 2'' flap 1
1.70   1.36
Milky White Security Bag Without POD, 60 Micron+2

60 micron without POD + 2'' flap

457 x355 18x1460 micron without POD + 2'' flap 1
6.40 5.12
Milky White Security Bag Without POD, 60 Micron+2

60 micron without POD + 2'' flap

254 x178 10x760 micron without POD + 2'' flap 1
2.00 1.60
  • Tamper proof bags
  • Great for mailing of invoices, cheques etc

  • Used for shipping important packages as well as documents

  • Used in courier delivery services and logistics companies for shipping products

  • Recommended for confidential mailing

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Lightweight and Milky White Security Bags

When you want to mail or send in a courier with something confidential, you would want to use something which ensures your documents are safe. A lot of documents are highly confidential and we don't want anyone to sneak into it through any possible way. We need to provide adequate protection so that the documents inside the envelopes stay unhampered. If we send confidential documents through the basic paper envelopes, there is a high chance that they will be opened and looked into. For this purpose, you need the milky white security bags. They are highly secure and made with the only purpose to keep your documents safe and untampered.

Highly Secure Milky White Security Bags and Packaging Security Bags

If you deal with sending confidential documents every now and then, you know how much their security is of concern to you. You want them to be delivered without anyone sneaking in between and trying to see what's inside.

What makes these milky white security bags special is that once they are sealed by you, they can't be opened unless torn apart. So even if someone has tried to cut open the bag to see what's inside, you will know because the bag will be torn. This is the safest option for you when you need to send confidential documents. These bags are extremely lightweight so the additional benefit is that you'll be able to save money in shipping too.

The milky white security bags can be fully utilized to send highly confidential items like invoices, cheques, etc. They are also used in sending important parcels. The quality of materials used for making these bags is high as they are made with 60 micron LDPE films. These bags are completely tamper proof. They are milky white in colour on both the sides.

Buy White Security Bags Online in India from DCGPAC

When it comes to packaging materials, nothing beats the quality and value for money bags of DCGpac. You can buy white security bags online from DCDpac at extremely low and affordable prices. Order them now to get it delivered within no time.