Starting at 91.00

Starting at Starting at ₹91.00

  • Quick Side Loading Tape Dispensers.

  • Heavy Base Package Tape Dispenser.

  • Lower Centre of Gravity Shipping Tape Dispenser.

  • No Knocking Over Shipping Tape Dispenser.

  • Adjustable Brake for Tension Control.

  • Advanced Technology Package Tape Dispenser. 

  • Comfortable Grip Tape Dispensers.

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Price Per Pcs
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Tape Dispenser For 1

Tape Dispenser For 1" Tape

Tape Dispenser For 1" Tape 1 1 1
91.00 88.00 85.00 83.00
Tape Dispenser For 2

Tape Dispenser For 2" Tape

Tape Dispenser For 2" Tape 2 1 1
204.00 196.00 190.00 187.00
Tape Dispenser For 3

Tape Dispenser For 3" Tape

Tape Dispenser For 3" Tape 3 1 1
253.00 244.00 236.00 232.00
  • Allow you the total control on tape usage;

  • Easy to Load and use package tape dispenser;

  • Manufactured from high-quality plastic;

  • Highly durable and efficient shipping tape dispenser;

  • Available in different varieties;

  • Convenient and comfortable package tape dispenser;

  • Dispatched within 1 day of receiving the order;

  • 3-7 days delivery at all locations in India;

  • GST invoicing option;

  • Support from customer care;

  • Time and effort saving tape dispensers; 

  • We deliver orders of small quantities; and 

  • Best price package tape dispenser in the country.

More Information

Product:  Tape Dispenser

Color:  Several

Types:  1/2/3 inch tape dispenser

Size:  3 standard sizes available

Style:  Sleek and chic

Design:  Compact

Customizable:  Yes

Availability:  In Stock

Reward Points:  Yes

Pieces per pack:  1

Industry:  Logistics, Shipping, E-Commerce

Price:   Refer to the Table provided under the image

Size or ColorSize(Inches)
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Wide Variety of Tape Dispensers 

Putting tape on packages can be a tiresome and irritating process if done manually without the help of any proper tool. Tearing or cutting tapes by fingers or nails is really cumbersome and requires more time and great frustrating effort. Now, you have a perfect solution for this problem, our easy to use tape dispensers. Our packing tape dispenser saves your valuable time and effort by quickly applying and shearing off the tape on corrugated and other packaging boxes. 

DCGpac offers a wide range of tape dispensers and you can select according to your taping needs. For homes and offices, we offer clear tape dispensers and automatic dispensers for companies that deal in regular shipment, packing, or unpacking of boxes. We offer dispensers for 1 inch, 2 inch and three-inch tapes.  


 Where to Get Packing Tape Dispenser

You can easily get these highly useful tape dispensers on at reasonable prices. Besides, you also earn Reward Points when you buy with us, which can be redeemed to get discounts on our products.

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