Mobile/Tablet Brown Boxes

  • Universal style box
  • BF 18-22 strength box
  • Outer VK, Inner SK
Item # Size (MM)
Size (Inches)
Description Minimum Order Quantity Price Per Box
1 10 50 100 500
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Mobile Packing Box, 3Ply

Mobile and Wallet Box, 3 Ply

210 x120 x75 8.2x4.7x3Mobile and Wallet Box, 3 Ply 1
13.34 12.50 13.00 12.00 10.00
Mobile Packing Box

Mobile & Wallet Box, 5 Pply

210 x120 x75 8.2x4.7x3Mobile & Wallet Box, 5 Pply 1
9.06 8.56 7.48 7.03 6.45
Mobile Packing Box

Smartphones with 4.7 " screen Box, 3 Ply

160 x90 x51 6.3x3.5x2Smartphones with 4.7 " screen Box, 3 Ply 1
6.40   3.20
Mobile Packing Box

Tablet Box, 3 Ply

270 x170 x95 10.6x7x3.7Tablet Box, 3 Ply 1
13.67 10.69 9.33 8.78 8.05
Mobile Packing Box

Small 2'' screen Box, 3 Ply

127 x76 x84 5x3x3.3Small 2'' screen Box, 3 Ply 1
6.40 5.00 4.37 4.10 3.77
Mobile Packing Box

Mobile Box, 3 Ply

295 x130 x130 11.6x5.1x5.1Mobile Box, 3 Ply 1
11.47 10.68 10.22 9.68 9.17
Mobile Packing Box

Smartphones with 5'', 5.5" Screen Box, 3 Ply

178 x102 x76 7x4x3Smartphones with 5'', 5.5" Screen Box, 3 Ply 1
8.19 6.40 5.59 5.25 4.82
Mobile Packing Box

Smartphones with 5 & 5.5 inch Screen Box, 5 Ply

178 x102 x76 7x4x3Smartphones with 5 & 5.5 inch Screen Box, 5 Ply 1
16.56   8.28
Mobile Packing Box

Electronic Accessory Box, 5 Ply

185 x110 x110 7.3x4.3x4.3Electronic Accessory Box, 5 Ply 1
10.93 8.55 7.46 7.01 6.44
Mobile Packing Box

Smartphones with 4" Screen Box, 5 Ply

152 x102 x76 6x4x3Smartphones with 4" Screen Box, 5 Ply 1
10.47   5.23
Mobile Packing Box

Ultra Slim Tablet Box, 3 Ply

220 x140 x90 8.6x5.5x3.5Ultra Slim Tablet Box, 3 Ply 1
9.58 8.75 8.00 7.50 7.00
  • Widely used in E-Commerce industry
  • Used for packing multiple products
  • Strong and durable
  • Protection to all kind of products
  • 100% recyclable
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Universal Style Mobile and Tablet Brown Boxes

The mobile and tablet industry has seen an exponential growth in the recent years. With the rising number of sales, there is also a high demand for the boxes they are packed in. All the smart phones and tablet devices need rectangular cubical boxes of small size to perfectly fit a device in them. The boxes should be strong and robust in order to keep the phones and tablets safe. The customers should get their devices in the same conditions as when it was manufactured. You can get the best quality tablet boxes online from DCGPAC at prices that are lower than what you would get in the market.

Strong and Robust Tablet Brown Boxes

These days, more phones and tablets are sold by e-commerce companies than physical stores. Some phones are also exclusively available with only particular E-Commerce companies. This raises a concern over delivering the phones safely to the customers in a proper packaging. We offer some great universal style boxes that are appropriate for delivering mobile and tablet devices in them.

With these mobile/tablet brown boxes, you ensure maximum efficiency of your space as they fit the devices perfectly in the box. We have these boxes in different shapes and sizes so no matter which device you want to deliver the box is apt for it.

The quality of mobile/tablet brown boxes is really high as they comply with good strength standards of BF 18 to 22. They have proper inner and outer coverings including the outer VK and the inner SK. They can be used for packing all types of phones and tablets no matter what brands they belong to.

Buy Tablet Boxes Online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC is known for good quality packaging materials at very low prices. You can avail brown tablet box online from DCGPAC at extremely affordable prices. When you order from us, you save your money and time as well as get the convenience of ordering them online. See all corrugated boxes now to get them delivered to you in no time.