Starting at 1.75

Starting at Starting at ₹1.75

  • Non-tearable and moisture absorbent
  • 35-40% moisture absorption capacity even at 100% humidity
  • 5-10 mesh particle crystal size

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1 100 500 1000
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Silica Gel

20gm Silica Gel

20gm Silica Gel 2.5x3.5 1
16.75 13.40 11.72 10.05
Silica Gel

2gm Silica Gel (2 to 3 Week Delivery)

2gm Silica Gel (2 to 3 Week Delivery) 1.5x3 9
1.75 1.40 1.20 1.05
Silica Gel

10gm Silica Gel (2 to 3 Week Delivery)

10gm Silica Gel (2 to 3 Week Delivery) 2x4.75 1000
9.00 7.20 6.30 5.40
Silica Gel

5gm Silica Gel (2 to 3 Week Delivery)

5gm Silica Gel (2 to 3 Week Delivery) 1x3 1000
4.50 3.60 3.15 2.70
  • Drying and cleaning of air
  • Used in moisture sensitive instruments and devices
  • Provide good protection to export consignment from moisture
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Packets of Silica Gel to Prevent Air and Moisture

If you deal with shipping goods on a daily basis, you know how important silica gel is. They are used for a single purpose this is absorbing of local humidity in produts to save from damage or degradation. There are goods which are moisture sensitive like leather goods that can become dysfunctional if they are exposed to moisture. To prevent that from happening, you need to stock the packaging box with a few packets of silica gel. This will ensure that all kinds of goods are safely transported to the customers. Putting silica gel sachets inside the package is the best way to make your packages moisture resistant.

Non-Tearable Sachets of Silica Gel

We offer packets of silica gel in varying sizes so that you can choose the quantity you need for each packaging box. Usually around 20-30 gms of silica gel is enough for a package of normal size. They are necessary for all the products that are moisture sensitive.

The silica gel packets help in drying and cleaning of air and moisture inside the packaging box. They are largely used for instruments and devices which are moisture sensitive and presence of moisture can affect their working. To avoid such instances, a good amount of silica gel must be present inside the packaging box. They also provide good protection, when exporting consignment, from moisture.

The silica gel is hazardous for our health if consumed and can lead to fatal consequences. Keep these away from children as they may unknowingly try to eat it. However these packets are non-tearable which ensures that this doesn’t happen. They have around 30-40% moisture absorption capacity at 100% humidity which is good enough to protect the goods from moisture. You can get the silica gel online from DCGPAC and be assured of the safety of your products.

Buy Silica Gel Online in India from DCGPAC

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