Self stick-eee Note Pad


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  • Repositionable time and time again. 5 handy size available
  • Extra bright notes to help get messages noticed easily
  • Available in various sizes

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Saya Stick-eee Note Pads - Yellow, Pack of 18

2x3 Inch Yellow Stick-eee Note Pads

2x3 Inch Yellow Stick-eee Note Pads Saya 1
20.00   16.44 15.61 14.83 14.09
Saya Stick-eee Note Pads - Yellow

3x3 Inch Yellow Stick-eee Note Pads

3x3 Inch Yellow Stick-eee Note Pads Saya 1
25.00   20.55 19.52 18.54 17.62
Saya Stick-eee Note Pads - Yellow

3x4 Inch Yellow Stick-eee Note Pads

3x4 Inch Yellow Stick-eee Note Pads Saya 1
35.00   28.77 27.33 25.96 24.66
  • Ever popular stick-eee Page marker produced to Saya's high standard with premium quality paper
  • Sticks firmly to almost any surface
  • Easily removable, yet retaining stickiness for repositioning
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Buy Self Stick Repositionable Note Pad Online at Best Prices in India

At DCGPAC, we supply first-rate self-stick repositionable note pads. These can be availed in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The base colours are generally Yellow, Pink, Blue and White. Additionally, we accept your special orders to meet your bespoke needs such as to convey your branding message, using a few selective colours and your logo printed over them. Regardless of whether you need them for your special customers or the office usage by employees, these are among the best options you can have for creating reminders or message boards locally – for example within a team. With our industry experience, we find it easy to avail you with high quality repositionable sticky notepads at really affordable prices. With their special feature to get repositioned anywhere and everywhere leaving behind no marks, you can use and reuse them ‘n’ number of times – which further saves you on costs. To enjoy our special repositionable sticky notes, order and buy them online now.