Security Mailing Envelopes

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  • Lightweight bags ensures low shipping costs
  • These bags are often used to send CDs and documents
  • Self sealing bag

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  • Tamper-proof envelopes
  • 60 micron
  • Strong seams allow over-stuffing
  • Water resistant
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How secure is your mailing envelope? Think again before you send sensitive and confidential documents in simple envelopes that may be at a risk of being tampered during delivery. Security mailing envelopes allow important documents and materials to be sent through regular post with greater protection for the contents. Theft of the contents is not the only risk that the package may be subjected to. Factors such as moisture, dirt and rough handling are also important considerations that need to be made before selecting the right envelope.

Security Mailing Envelopes Reduce the Risk of Tampering

The security mailing envelopes are designed to seal the contents securely with minimal chances of attempts at tampering the package. Should the envelopes be tampered enroute to the destination, it will be clearly visible to the recipient and subsequent action can be taken accordingly. Once these envelopes are sealed, the only way to open then is to tear them. There are no loose ends or weak adhesives that may be removed for accessing the contents. Now you can be sure about the confidentiality of the contents that you receive through regular post.

High-Strength Seams Allow Over-Stuffing

The mailing plastic pouches or security mailing envelopes have high strength seams that allow over-stuffing. This means you can now add slightly more contents or larger contents without worrying about the packaging breaking up. Why would anyone over-stuff the package in the first place? Well, at times, there is a need to send a number of documents together. Sending them separately might be cumbersome, thererfore in that case the documents needs to be sent together.

Security Mailing Bags are Highly Beneficial for Ecommerce Packaging

Security mailing envelopes live up to the expectations perfectly. In fact, they can even be used to send apparels that are purchased online. The tamper-proof aspect will ensure greater security of the product and will be crucial for achieving the trust of customers. Self-sealing options make it very easy for the contents to be packed once they have been placed in the security mailing bag. The seal is pretty strong and cannot be removed without tearing the package apart.

Superior Protection from Dust and Moisture

The security mailing pouches are made up from high quality materials that have water-resistant and dust-resistant capabilities. Both of these are extremely desirable features for ensuring the safety of contents. You would not want to risk any damage to the contents of the envelope, especially if it contains sensitive documents. The water-resistant capabilities of the envelope make it a preferred choice for most E-Commerce packaging.

Save up on Packaging Costs with Security Mailing Bags

The security bags are light in weight and do not add much bulk or weight to the package once the contents have been packed in it. This is an important benefit as it helps to save up on shipping costs without compromising on durability or security in any manner.

You can buy these security pouches at really affordable rates online at Now you can empower your start-ups and small business with secure communication and sharing of important items without worrying about tampering.

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