Brown Paper (Reinforcement)Tape

  • Long shelf life
  • Durable enough for heavy duty shipping
  • Superior product protection
  • Used extensively in E-Commerce packaging
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Brown Paper (Reinforcement)Tape, 50 Meter

50 Meter Length Paper Tape

3"50 Meter Length Paper Tape 1
219.37   168.75
  • Strong adhesive
  • Easy and safe to Open
  • Water activated
  • Holds securely in extreme whether conditions
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High Quality Brown Paper Reinforcement Tape Online in India

Are you an E-Commerce vendor? Do you ship products every day? Well, congratulations! Looks like your business is booming. But did you know that you can make more out of your business? That you can increase your profits, retain more customers and encourage more brand loyalty simply through the right packaging? Well, the answer is yes! With right products like brown paper reinforcement tape, you can ensure that your packages are pristine, which will increase your reputation among your existing and future customers!

What’s a brown paper reinforcement tape?

Adhesive tapes have been popular for packing purposes. However, at DCGPAC, we aim to provide better. We endeavour to offer solutions that are more durable in nature. Our specially designed brown paper reinforcement tape is the perfect example of that. These types of tapes reinforce the packaging, which means that they ensure that your packets are sealed titter or better. The tapes usually have two layers of papers with fibreglass filaments laminated between them. This allows them to be pressure-sensitive, which means no ripping apart when you are lifting or shipping those heavy cartons.

The tapes are therefore, an excellent addition to your packing routine.

Why you should buy brown paper reinforcement tape online?

Simple, because it is a more viable option. DCGPAC’s high-quality product has a longer shelf life and it is great for heavy duty shipping. At the same time, it offers superior product protection, making it an excellent option for E-Commerce sellers. It is inexpensive, easy to use and we have larger quantities of the product available at all times. So, you can order and be rest assured that there won’t be any troubles. Order a larger quantity and you can get incredible discounts on every piece.

These beige coloured tapes will keep your products protected and make packing an easier, hassle free job.

Packaging your products could either be easy or way too stressful, depending on what you have. So, what are you going to choose? A regular, unreliable tape that rips, breaks and ruins your packaging? Or are you going to buy brown paper reinforcement tape online and protect your packages? The choice is yours! Go ahead and place an order.