PVC Clear Storage Bags

Starting at 38.75

Starting at Starting at ₹38.75

  • Used for storing of bedding items like quilts, comforters and blankets etc.
  • Can be used to store winter clothes during off season months
  • Moisture resistant storage organizer
  • Recycable bag

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PVC Clear Storage Bags

Medium size with rope handle

Medium size with rope handle 19x13x6 1
86.64   66.65
PVC Clear Storage Bag

Medium size with zipper

Medium size with zipper 15x12x3 1
50.37   38.75
  • Thickness : 25 micron
  • Square bottom design
  • Zipper closure on bag
  • Rope handle
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Multi Utility PVC Clear Storage Bags

As the name goes, these PVC clear storage bags are used for storing items that we use in the house. It can also be used for packing things while travelling and carrying it with us. A lot of times, we don't get any proper packaging bag that can accommodate items like clothes, blankets, comforters, etc. These storage bags are made to do just that. They are an efficient option to pack your household goods. Mostly, they are used for clothes and bed items. Their application is wide and you can use them for various purposes.

Easy To Use PVC Clear Storage Bags

The PVC clear storage bags we provide are extremely user friendly and very convenient to pack and store. More than sending these bags, they are used for storage purposes. Bed sheets or blankets can be stored in them while we don't need them for a long duration. These bags prevent the goods from getting torn and also catching dust and moisture. They also protect the things we store inside them.

The quality of these PVC clear storage bags is incomparable. They are made with good quality PVC which is reusable, the bag is around 25 microns thick so be assured of the covering it provides. The bags are well designed in a square-bottom way which makes efficient use of the available space. They are very easy to open and close which makes the bags convenient to use.

The PVC clear storage bags are also equipped with a rope handle which ensures that they are appropriate for holding and carrying. You can buy PVC clear storage bags online from DCGPAC at low and wholesale prices.

Buy PVC Clear Zipper Storage Bags Online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC believes in providing the best quality products at the lowest prices possible. You can buy PVC clear storage bags online from DCGPAC at prices which are affordable to all. DCGPAC is also the largest online seller of packaging materials in India and has a reputation of its own in delivering good quality products. So order storage bags from DCGPAC now!