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  • Dark crystalline lead for smear proof impressions.
  • Easy sharpening & break resistant super-bonded lead.
  • Pre-Sharpened pencils ready to write & draw.
  • HB Lead Darkness

  • High tensile strength and break resistant

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Smarty Pencil 0.5 mm

Smarty Pencil 0.5 mm

CelloSmarty Pencil 0.5 mm 1
7.00   6.12 5.94 5.76 5.53
Smarty Pencil 0.7 mm

Smarty Pencil 0.7 mm

CelloSmarty Pencil 0.7 mm 1
7.00   6.12 5.94 5.76 5.53
Supreme Pencil 0.5 mm

Supreme Pencil 0.5 mm

CelloSupreme Pencil 0.5 mm 1
10.00   8.75 8.48 8.23 7.90
Supreme Pencil 0.5 mm

Supreme Pencil 0.7 mm

CelloSupreme Pencil 0.7 mm 1
10.00   10.00 8.75 8.23 7.90
Supreme Pencil 0.9 mm

Supreme Pencil 0.9 mm

CelloSupreme Pencil 0.9 mm 1
10.00   8.75 8.48 8.23 7.90
  • India's 1st writing & drawing pencil.
  • Specially designed for students, artists, architects & engineers.
  • Suitable for imprinting on all types of paper structure.

  • Hassle free use

  • Aligned writing

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Pencils for Good Handwriting

Pencils are one of the most used items no matter where you work or study. It is required for writing and drawing among other things. Though we all know what pencils do, what stays unknown is how good they do it. If a pencil by its making is flawed because of substandard materials, your handwriting will suffer. To be assured that it brings out the best in you and the way you write, you need to have the best quality pencils. Pencils that are dark, write smooth and don't break easily are the perfect type of pencils and provides exactly the same qualities in their pencil. You can buy pencil online from DCGPAC at the best prices.

Pencils With Dark Crystalline Leads

Pencils are one of the finest items DCgpac provide and are better than any other shop you can get. They are used almost daily for some purpose or the other. For school students, it's a necessity and fulfills it just like it does for all your stationery needs.

These pencils are of the best quality as they are made with dark crystalline lead which promises smear proof impressions. What would be most troubling to you while you write using a pencil is a broken lead. With these pencils, you don't have to worry about them anymore. These pencils can be easily sharpened and have a break resistant super bonded lead.

Usually after you buy a pack of pencils, you have to sharpen them and then start using but these pencils come pre-sharpened and are ready to use right out of the box. This is also India's first writing and drawing pencil which ensures that you don't have to keep two pencils for separate tasks. Buy pencil online and have the best writing and drawing experience.

Buy Pencils Online in India from DCGPAC

has always had the reputation for providing the best quality of pencils. You can get these pencils online in India from DCGPAC at low and wholesale rates. Order them online and get the convenience of quick delivery.