Paper Envelopes

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Paper Envelopes
  • Used for sending light or heavy documents
  • Wholesale rates, save up to 30% over regular rates
  • These lightweight envelopes ensures low shipping cost
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Yellow inside Plastic Coated Envelope, 80 GSM, (16"x12"), Pack of 100 16x12
₹633 ₹616 ₹600 ₹585
  • Paper lined, tear proof envelope
  • Plastic coated envelopes save your articles from moisture
  • Custom made envelopes can be supplied on request
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Paper Envelopes for Sending Your Documents

If your work involves exchanging a lot of documents, you definitely need the best quality paper envelopes. It is the single most useful packaging option to choose when you are dealing with sending of documents across different places. Paper by its very nature is delicate and a little mishandling can cause it to tear. We of course want it to be as it is until it reaches its desired location. To keep all the content and documents safe, we need good quality durable paper envelopes for delivering them.

Durable And Light-Weight Paper Envelopes

Almost all type of official communications takes place with documents and papers. To ensure their safe delivery we must send them in good quality paper envelopes. These paper envelopes are specially made to contain papers inside them. They make sure that your documents are properly accommodated inside.

It is essential to deliver papers and documents in the right kind of envelopes. At DCGpac, we offer a huge range of paper envelopes that are useful for delivering documents safely to your clients or exchanging in offices. They are available in various sizes so you can choose them according to your requirements. These paper envelopes are tear-proof and plastic coated. The plastic coat makes the envelope moisture resistant. The materials used for making this envelope ensures that the content inside shall stay safe while in transit.

You can cut costs by using these envelopes as they are light in weight and reduce shipping costs drastically. Also when you buy paper envelopes online from DCGpac, you get them at the lowest prices in the market.

Buy Paper Envelopes Online In India From DCGpac

To avail them at the best prices available, buy paper envelopes from DCGpac. We are the largest online seller of packaging materials in India and always believe in providing goods of superior quality. The prices for these paper envelopes at DCGpac are 30% less than the market prices. You can order your goods online conveniently and get them quickly delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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