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  • Superior cushioning and surface protection.
  • These bags are often used to send small and fragile items like CD's
  • Light weight envelopes ensures low shipping costs

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LD Bag, 250 Gauge

250 Gauge Thickness, Pack of 100

250 Gauge Thickness, Pack of 100 356 x254 14X10 1
230.00   115.00
LD Bag, 250 Gauge

250 Gauge Thickness, Pack of 100

250 Gauge Thickness, Pack of 100 305 x229 12X9 1
183.33   91.66
  • Durable bags
  • 100% waterproof & leak proof
  • High efficiency
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Low Costing Polythene Bags and LD Plastic Bags

Polythene bags are one of the most used and demanded products among all the packaging materials available. Their huge demand is because they can be used for a wide range of purposes with the same efficiency. Also they are one of the lowest cost packaging options which you can use. They are completely transparent but can be printed and customized as per your needs and requirements. They are widely used for wrapping small items but can also be used for displaying and promotional activities among other uses.

Polythene Bags of Different Sizes

Polythene bags are one of the most frequently used packaging material which serves a lot of purposes. They are one of the most popular packaging options which you definitely need no matter what work you are involved in. They can be used as printed carry bags for various shopping outlets especially those related to sports and fashion.

Polythene (LD) bags are available in various sizes so that you can choose them as per your requirements and make efficient use of them. They can also be used as an inner protective covering for fragile items like discs and glass items. This ensures that they get an additional layer of safety and cushioning. It also provides great amount of surface protection so that your goods will stay scratch less. Besides this, they are 100% water-proof and leak-proof which makes them a suitable option for containing liquids like water too.

What poses as an additional advantage is that polythene bags are extremely light in weight which saves you money in shipping costs. Also to save money on the actual costs, buy polythene bags online from DCGPAC as we offer you these bags at really low prices.

Buy Polythene Bags Online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC is highly regarded as the largest and the finest online supplier of packaging materials in India. Avail polythene bags online from DCGPAC at really low wholesale prices. We ensure that all our products never compromise on quality while being affordable too. You can order them online and be at the convenience of getting them quickly delivered at your doorsteps.

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