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  • Can be used for a variety of items like electronics, stationery etc.
  • Can be used as shopping bags
  • Strong enough to hold bottles
  • Sturdy
  • Eco friendly bag

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Kraft Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bag

12.5X9.75X4Brown Paper Bag 1
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Kraft Paper Bag

Brown Paper Bag

16x5.5x12.5Brown Paper Bag 1
34.00 31.50 28.90 26.40 23.80
  • Brown Paper Bag
  • 180 GSM kraft paper
  • With rope handle
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Best Eco Friendly Kraft Paper Bags with Handles

If you are an online retailer whose core niche is to sell electronic goods or clothes, then you may need high quality environment friendly paper bags that hold your goods in a nice manner as well as make them look stylish. It is also comfortable to hold such bags rather than carrying just a wrapped piece of item. Made in accordance with the latest packaging trends, our kraft paper bags feel nice to carry and come in different sizes. Besides being strong and durable, these bags are eco-friendly too. This ensures that we don't harm the nature, unlike other plastic packaging materials.

Kraft Paper Bags of Different Sizes

While we sell online goods, choosing different types of packaging for different type of goods have always been troublesome. To ship small goods like portable electronic devices or clothes, kraft paper bags are the right choice. It looks trendy and is efficient for many purposes also.

When you sell clothes, the packaging matters a lot as no one would want their clothes to be delivered crumbled up in a packed plastic. To have the apt packaging to deliver your customers the clothes they have ordered, you need to send them in these high quality kraft paper bags by DCGPAC.

If you happen to ship small electronic items, these bags are perfect to deliver them to your customers. They are lightweight enough to carry and can accommodate goods of any size as they come in various sizes. When there is a need for delivering electronic items, choose kraft paper bags for the right combination of comfort as well as durability.

They are great as shopping bags as well. We can use them to bring in our shopping items no matter how big or small they may be. They have rope handles to make you feel comfortable when you hold them. Fret not they have been designed in a manner to handle a lot of pressure and weight as well. It can also contain filled water bottles without the rope handle breaking or the kraft paper bag tearing. It is highly strong and durable in nature.

Apart from all the benefits, one key point that stands out is that these bags are eco-friendly and by using these bags, we can do our bit to save our planet Earth.

Buy Kraft Paper Bags Online at DCGPAC

As with all the other packaging materials, there is no better place than DCGPAC to buy kraft paper bags online. These are highly strong and durable enough to hold most of the goods it was meant to hold. We sell at really low wholesale prices usually cheaper than other online packaging material sellers. We do not compromise with the quality of any of our goods. You can get these kraft paper bags delivered to your doorsteps within just a few days by ordering it online at your own convenience. So why wait? Order it now!