Foam Pouches/Bags

80% of 100
  • Ideal for small items
  • Soft foam provides cushioning
  • Non-abrasive to resist scratching soft surfaces

  • Perfect finish

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Foam Pouch, 1mm Thickness

1mm Thickness

508 x508 20x201mm Thickness 1
12.00   8.40
Foam Pouch, 2mm Thickness

2mm Thickness

508 x508 20x202mm Thickness 1
17.30   12.40
Foam Pouch, 1mm Thickness

1mm Thickness

254 x330 10x131mm Thickness 1
8.40   4.20
Foam Pouch, 2mm Thickness

2mm Thickness

254 x330 10x132mm Thickness 1
10.50   5.25
Foam Pouch, 1mm Thickness

1mm Thickness

152 x152 6x61mm Thickness 1
Foam Pouch, 1mm Thickness

1mm Thickness (2 to 3 Week Delivery)

203 x254 8x101mm Thickness (2 to 3 Week Delivery) 2000
4.08   2.04
Foam Pouch, 2mm Thickness

2mm Thickness

152 x152 6x62mm Thickness 1
6.00   3.00
Foam Pouch, 1mm Thickness

1mm Thickness

127 x254 5x101mm Thickness 1
3.50   1.25
Foam Pouch, 2mm Thickness

2mm Thickness

127 x254 5x102mm Thickness 1
5.50   2.75
Foam Pouch, 2mm Thickness

2mm Thickness

203 x254 8x102mm Thickness 1
8.00   4.00
  • Cushion and protect your static-sensitive products
  • Unbeatable protection and highly convenient

  • Used for safety of automobile sheets, wrestling mates and carpet underlay

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Self Sealing Foam Pouches, Bags and Cushion Foam Pouches

If you require small yet durable and safe packaging for your goods, foam pouches are the best option to go with. They are great for protection of small parts and equipments as they are layered with foam. These foam bags are good to pack products which are small in size but are fragile in nature. They are mostly used for packing of electric components and circuits since they are moisture resistant and would help keep the items dry and clean. The foam bags consist of an additional layer of security which will protect the goods from any external damage. You can buy foam pouches online at great prices from DCGpac.

Moisture Resistant and Durable Foam Pouches

Packing and delivering your goods in a foam pouch or bag will ensure maximum safety over the product even in the roughest of conditions. While the goods are in transit, there is a huge chance that they may get damaged due to mishandling. To make sure that the goods are delivered in a safe and secure condition to their destination, the packaging needs to be sturdy.

We offer the best quality foam pouches to ensure the safety of your goods. They are ideal for sending any product that is small in size and needs a good amount of cushioning. These pouches are highly durable and a versatile packaging form.

The materials used for making these foam pouches are of highly superior quality such as good quality polyethylene which makes sure that the pouches protect the goods from shifting and vibrations. They are extremely light weight which will also save your money in shipping and are moisture resistant too. We offer a wide variety of foam pouches and bags of different sizes and thicknesses to choose from. Even if the sizes don't fit your needs, just get in touch with us and we would help you with the best foam pouches online.

Buy Foam Pouches Online in India from DCGpac

We provide you with quality products at affordable prices in the market so buy foam roll pouches online from DCGpac and get it quickly delivered to your doorstep. We are the best online suppliers of packaging materials in India.

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