Display Files/Clear Books

  • Extra large pockets hold up to six sheet in each.
  • Easy to carry documents.
  • Side loading prevent documents from slipping out of file.

Item # Size (Inches)
Description Pcs Price Per Pcs
1 1 10 50 100
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Display File-20 Pocket(Side Loading)

Display File-20 Pocket(Side Loading)

A/4Display File-20 Pocket(Side Loading) 1
143.99 129.63 124.48 119.26
Rollover Show File- Landscape

Rollover Show File- Landscape

A/4Rollover Show File- Landscape 1
559.99 504.49 483.84 463.68
Display File

Display File

A/4Display File 1
335.99 302.38 290.28 278.19
Display File

Display File

SoloDisplay File 1
95.99   67.19
Display File-20 Pocket

Display File-20 Pocket (1 to 2 Week Delivery)

A/3Display File-20 Pocket (1 to 2 Week Delivery) 50
395.99 356.38 342.12 327.87
Display File-80 Pocket(in a case)

Display File-80 Pocket(in a case)

A/4Display File-80 Pocket(in a case) 1
435.99 392.38 290.28 278.92
Certificate Display File -20 Files

Certificate Display File -20 Files

B/4Certificate Display File -20 Files 1
339.99 306.25 293.76 281.52
Display File-10 Pocket

Display File-10 Pocket

F/CDisplay File-10 Pocket 1
101.99 91.75 88.08 84.41
Display File - 40 Pockets

Display File - 40 Pockets

SoloDisplay File - 40 Pockets 1
240.00   197.29 187.42 178.05 169.15
Display File - 40 Pockets

Display File - 40 Pockets

SoloDisplay File - 40 Pockets 1
272.00   223.59 212.41 201.79 191.70
  •  Non-stick embossed poly polypropylene pockets.
  •  Anti static agents added for extra convenience to insert documents conveniently.
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Buy Display Files/Clear Books Online at Best Prices in India

DCGPAC offers expedient clear books or the Display files of high quality, ensured by the top grade of the raw material and the manufacturing processes conforming to ISO norms. These are best-suited for the day-to-day presentation reference, storage of certificates, price lists, catalogues, pictures, designs, important contracts, specifications and lots more. These are equipped with durable and thick clear view pockets. Antistatic agents are added to enable added convenience of inserting the documents. The extra-large pockets are provided that can hold up to six document sheets per pocket. With their professional and ergonomic appearance, they work great for your professional, academic and personal usage, alike. Make your choice of the clear books and display files and buy them to give all your important documents, a safe shelter. Order online and enjoy amazing prices.