• Used for shipping
  • Helpful in identifying service provider
  • Used to label packages
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BLUE DART Courier Sticker

BLUE DART Courier sticker

1BLUE DART Courier sticker 100
30.65 26.65 23.58 20.58
DTDC Courier Sticker

DTDC Courier sticker

1DTDC Courier sticker 100
30.75 26.65 23.58 20.58
FIRST FLIGHT Courier Sticker

FIRST FLIGHT Courier sticker

1FIRST FLIGHT Courier sticker 100
30.65 26.65 23.58 20.50
DHL Courier Sticker

DHL Courier sticker

1DHL Courier sticker 100
30.75 26.65 23.58 20.50
  • Multi colour stickers
  • High quality adhesive
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Courier Stickers for Labeling Purposes

As the number of E-Commerce companies are on the rise, the number of deliveries being made each day are also increasing. There are many different companies and they have tie-ups with different courier services to deliver their products. It can be confusing to know which service provider is handling which package when there are a large number of packages. Thus, to identify among the different service providers who are responsible for delivering the goods, we need good quality stickers that can differentiate the packages in a proper way. We offer courier stickers for all leading companies which you can use as a label on your packages.

Courier Stickers for Quick Identification

With so many packaging boxes to deliver, one can easily lose hold of which package is designated for which service provider. To make sure that there is more clarity and less confusion with the boxes, we need the right labels or courier stickers which we can stick on the boxes to avoid skepticism. This also improves the productivity of all those who are involved as they can easily identify between different courier companies.

We offer courier stickers from all the leading courier services such as BlueDart, DHL, DTDC, FedEx, and UPS. These are just few names among a range of other providers. These stickers have high quality adhesion which makes sure that they don't come out from the packaging before reaching the customer. The stickers are the logo of these companies so that anyone can easily recognize between different companies.

In a single pack of stickers will you get 100 courier stickers which is sufficient for a lot of packaging boxes. You can buy courier stickers from DCGPAC at very low prices. Be assured of the quality of these stickers as we always provide the best in class products to our customers.

Buy Courier Stickers Online in India from DCGPAC

DCGPAC is the largest online supplier of packaging materials in India and has stood to its reputation from years. You can buy courier stickers online from us and use them with all the packages you deliver as they are necessary to make sure it is clear who the service provider for the particular package is.