• Lightweight, saves on postage
  • These envelopes are most often used to send discs or other small breakables
  • Self-seal Bag

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Size (Inches)
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Security Pouch with POD, 50 Micron

50 Micron with POD

254 x305 10x1250 Micron with POD 100
Security Pouch with POD, 50 Micron

50 Micron with POD

381 x483 15x1950 Micron with POD 100
Security Pouch with POD, 50 Micron

50 Micron with POD

356 x457 14x1850 Micron with POD 100
507.69 471.43 434.21 412.50 388.24
Security Pouch with POD, 50 Micron

50 Micron with POD

152 x178 6x750 Micron with POD 100
101.58 89.97 83.97 78.73 74.09
Security Pouch with POD, 50 Micron

50 Micron with POD

203 x254 8x1050 Micron with POD 100
166.77 147.71 137.87 129.25 121.65
EKO Security Pouch with POD, 40 Micron

Security Pouch with POD, 40 Micron

12 x406 12x16Security Pouch with POD, 40 Micron 100
307.14 299.09 292.20 283.97 275.00
  • Tamper-proof envelopes with POD jacket
  • High strength seams allow over-stuffing
  • Water resistant & leak proof
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High quality light-weight courier envelopes online

If you send a lot of couriers for official or for personal work, getting the right type of courier envelopes is of utmost importance. You need good quality courier envelopes that wouldn't compromise the safety of what you send inside the courier. Most often, couriers are shipped to long distances and have to go through a lot of rough handling. If your courier envelopes are not durable enough to handle the roughness, they are simply risking the safety of your goods. DCGpac offers a great quality of courier envelopes and bags that can be used for many purposes.

Self-sealing courier envelopes

One of the most common problems we face while sending couriers is if the glue loses its hold while in transit. The peculiarity of these courier envelopes is that they have an adhesive strip on their top. Due to this, they are self-sealing and don't require any additional glue to seal them. This makes the envelope secure than what the normal adhesive promises.

These envelopes also contains a POD jacket on the bag. They help you to add additional consignment notes with the goods in the courier envelope. As courier bags are generally used in offices, these bags have a outer surface where you can write important details with a permanent marker. This helps you to write additional information that would help the courier company in delivering the package.

They are mostly used to send CDs, DVD's and other small goods of fragile nature. They are also durable enough to keep them safe while in transit.

Buy courier envelopes online in India from DCGpac

These bags are extremely lightweight which in turn helps reduce shipping costs. They are made up of high quality material and make sure your couriers are safe while they get delivered to the concerned person. DCGpac has always been the best supplier you can trust for all your packaging materials needs. Order your courier envelopes online from DCGpaC and get them delivered in no time at your doorstep.

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