• Cheaper than custom made boxes
  • Recommended for packing large packages or separating layers on skids

Item # Size (LxW) Size (LxW)Description Minimum Order Quantity Price per Unit
1 5 10 20
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Corrugated Sheet, 48x48

5 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10

1220 x1220 48x485 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 1
1112.50 934.50 778.70 667.50
Corrugated Sheet, 3 Ply, 120 GSM, Pack of 10

3 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 (1 to 2 Week Delivery)

1220 x1220 48x483 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 (1 to 2 Week Delivery) 50
662.50   397.50
Corrugated Sheet

5 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10

610 x914 24x365 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 1
437.50   350.00
Corrugated Sheet

3 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10

610 x914 24x363 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 1
262.50   183.75
Corrugated Sheet

5 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10

914 x1220 36x485 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 1
875.00 735.00 612.50 525.00
Corrugated Sheet

3 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 (1 to 2 Week Delivery)

914 x1220 36x483 Ply 120 GSM, Pack of 10 (1 to 2 Week Delivery) 50
525.00   262.50
  • 3 Ply corrugated sheets/pads
  • Made from high quality recycled kraft paper
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Buy Corrugated Cardboard Sheets Online in India

Searching for a cheaper option than custom made boxes but with the same features? Corrugated sheets are what you need which are cheaper than the custom made boxes and gives an additional layer of safety to the goods packed in them. Corrugated sheets can be used for various purposes but majorly, they are used as an interior packaging material. They are also often used as a separating layer over skids which improves the durability of the packaging boxes.

Get Best Corrugated Sheets Price in India by DCGPAC

Our corrugated sheets are available at affordable prices and are versatile in their usage. They can be used for many things as each sheet is separate from the other. The corrugated sheets we offer are strong enough to protect the goods from external damage while in transit. When they are used for internal packaging they prevent each item from colliding with each other and eventually breaking.

Corrugated sheets increase the durability of the items more especially when stacked against fragile items in a single box. They also improve the efficiency of the packaging as many goods can be accommodated in a single packaging with the help of these sheets. Apart from these basic usages, you can think of a variety of different applications from these sheets.

These corrugated sheets are highly eco-friendly in nature and you can do your bit to save our planet earth by replacing these sheets with the plastic packing materials that you use. The materials used to make these corrugated cardboard sheets are of superior quality and make sure they keep your goods safe. High quality recycled and virgin kraft papers are used for the manufacturing of these corrugated sheets. They are 3 ply sheets/pads and don't break easily.

Multipurpose Durable Cardboard Sheets Available Online in Different Sizes

DCGPAC is by far the largest online corrugated cardboard sheets supplier in India which offer great quality at really affordable prices. Get customized sheets if you so require from DCGPac. Get in touch with us to help us understand your requirements and we would be happy to cater to your needs. Order corrugated sheets online now and get it quickly delivered to your place.

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