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  • Protect packaging material from damage
  • Add colours to your gift packing
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Colour Thermocol Ball

Colour Thermocol Balls

1 cubic feetColour Thermocol Balls 1
334.00 308.00 286.00 268.00
Colour Thermocol Ball

Colour Thermocol Balls

2 Cubic FeetColour Thermocol Balls 1
668.00 616.00 572.00 536.00
  • Durable and high quality
  • Moisture resistant
  • Bright colours
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Buy visually appealing colour thermocol balls online

Be it decoration for gift items or filling materials for packages for additional safety, these Coloured Thermocol Balls are the best option to go with. They look vivid and visually appealing when used in decorations. They are also highly used as space fillers inside packaging materials so they get a cushioning effect. This ensures the safety of the goods inside as well as makes it look beautiful when people open the package.

Good quality colour thermocol balls

Colour thermocol balls are the best option if you have to fill the vacant space in packages. Plain white thermocol balls are also used for the same purpose but the colored ones look much more bright and delightful. They provide a good amount of cushioning to fragile goods so that they stay safe and secure while in transit. Sometimes the goods are smaller than the packaging and in that case these thermocol balls come into use. Besides filling the extra space, they are a great decorative item that look colorful to the eyes and feel good to hold. You can use these colour thermocol balls both inside and outside the gift packaging. To decorate the gift wrap, you can use multi colored balls to make the wrap look appealing. Add a dash of glitter to these colour thermocol balls and it looks shinier. You can also wrap them inside the package with the gift so that the pack feels good to hold. If the gift is fragile, the thermocol balls protect it too. The coloured thermocol balls are made up of high quality thermocol which is moisture resistant and have a fine finish to them. They can be cut in pieces and used for various arts and craft purposes too.

Shop colour thermocol balls online in India from DCGpac

For the best prices on color thermocol balls online in India, DCGpac is the place to order. Order it online and get your thermocol balls delivered to your doorsteps in no time. They are the best quality thermocol balls available online, so order them now and save your money.

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