Amazon Courier Bags

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Branded Courier Bags
Pack of 100
  • Robust and strong Amazon packaging poly bags
  • 100% export quality Amazon printed bags.
  • Extremely lightweight poly postal bags Amazon.
  • POD equipped Amazon courier bags buy online.
  • Cost-efficient as very less postal costs are needed to send them across.
  • The 50-60 micron Amazon-branded poly bags are durable in all weather conditions and eco-friendly as well.
  • The seal of the bags is leak, tamper, and waterproof so as to provide additional security to the contents packed.
SKU Description Size(inches) LxW Price Per Pack
1 6 12 24
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Amazon Branded Polybag With POD, 60 Micron, Pack of 100 6x8
₹209 ₹199 ₹190 ₹182
Amazon Branded Polybag With POD, 60 Micron, Pack of 100 8x11
₹342 ₹326 ₹311 ₹298
Amazon Branded Polybag With POD, 60 Micron, Pack of 100 12x14
₹588 ₹560 ₹534 ₹511
Amazon Branded Polybag With POD, 60 Micron, Pack of 100 14x16
₹683 ₹651 ₹621 ₹595
Amazon Branded Polybag With POD, 60 Micron, Pack of 100 17x19
₹917 ₹874 ₹833 ₹798
  • GST Invoicing available;
  • Ready for immediate dispatch;
  • 1-7 days delivery across India;
  • Customer care support;
  • Available in different sizes to suit your specific packing requirements;
  • Attractively designed robust Amazon poly bags provide ultimate security to the products being shipped in them;
  • 100% money-back guarantee;
  • 50-60 Microns poly bags;
  • Leak proof;
  • Water proof;
  • Tamper proof;
  • Self Sealing;
  • Ideal for mailing documents, invoices, or cheques;
  • We cater small orders no matter how less the quantity is; and
  • Amazon courier bags buy online with
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Avail Best Quality Amazon Poly Bags

Amazon is globally the biggest online seller with billions of products under its platform. Recently when it started its services in India, it started completely ruling the Indian market with products that were provided at a much cheaper cost than any of the other competitors. Amazon has an amazing seller policy as well. For the company, sellers are equally as important as their customers. Thus, they have put forward a strong branding policy for their packaging materials so that it is beneficial to the customers as well as the sellers. If you are a seller on Amazon, you would know that the variety of products available at Amazon is unimaginable, it almost seems like infinite. To help package all kinds of goods, DCGPAC offers Amazon poly bags in great quality.

Buy Amazon Branded Poly Bags from DCGPAC

Amazon has a phenomenal branding policy which people easily identify with. The colour combinations as well as the logo are catchy and people can easily recognize that the package is from Amazon. These poly bags which follow the brand guidelines are best in quality and can be used to send across multiple type of products.

These security envelopes don't need any kind of additional adhesives to seal them as there is an adhesive strip included in the poly bag which makes it self-sealing. This makes it extremely easy for the sellers as they simply have to pack the goods inside and seal it with the already available adhesive. They are very light in weight and this ensures that the postal costs are minimum which is again a good advantage to have. It can be used to send couriers and parcels without ruining the condition of what's inside. As sellers need to send invoices and cheques across multiple times throughout the month, these poly bags are perfectly suitable for that purpose.

To cater to all your needs, these bags are available in many different sizes. These are 50-60 micron polybags which are safe even from an environmental perspective. It is very important to use packaging which is either eco-friendly or is environmentally safe. For additional safety, the seal is made to be waterproof and leak proof too. The poly bags can also be used to send across confidential or secure products as they are completely tamper proof. If someone tries to hamper and open it, they would need to cut it open. If you have Amazon poly bag requirements

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