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  1. 6 Essential Packaging Solutions for E-commerce

    6 Essential Packaging Solutions for E-commerce

    The importance of packaging grew with its use, and the 20th century saw the advent of it. Although the real significance of packaging jumped leaps and bounds with the emergence of e-commerce, and today we cannot imagine a life without the “brown box”. In this era of E-commerce, right from our groceries to electronic items, from clothes to furniture, everything arrives at our doorsteps and all that would have been impossible without packaging. Every piece of item we order is packed to its fit which makes packaging a highly creative and customizable job.

    Here we have listed 6 essential packaging solutions for e-commerce business.

    1. Packaging that Fits- The product packaging should be as tight as possible, this reduces the weight without compromising the product’s integrity. Like, online packages do not need a hanging tab while a retail store packaging does. The hanging tab in a retail store packaging takes more space and offers no additional value. Reducing the size of the packaging saves on materials and shipping charges.

    2. Chuck Rigidity wherever Needed- At times a packaging item as rigid as a box or plastic containers is not the best choices. Liquids could be best housed in pouches rather than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles add weight and height as well which requires more space to stock. On the flip side, pouches are flexible, and lightweight thus covering less space and adding less weight to the overall shipment.

    3. Use Eco Void Fillers- Foam peanuts pose an ecological threat as disposing of them is a grave problem and thankfully better alternatives are being developed by companies. Materi

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  2. Smart Uses of Shrink Wrap: Why Small Businesses are increasingly considering this Packaging Solution?

    Smart Uses of Shrink Wrap: Why Small Businesses are increasingly considering this Packaging Solution?

    It is evident that the packaging industry is growing in leaps and bounds with a majority of businesses constantly contemplating efficient and cost-effective solutions for protectively camouflaging their products. With packaging evolving as a prior industrial consideration, it is time we start considering shrink wraps or shrink films for the job. Although there are numerous shrink wrap applications, significant in regard to packaging, it eventually comes down to affordability, innovation, and versatility.

    What is Shrink Wrap Used For Enlisting Diverse Possibilities

    Put simply, Shrink wraps can be used for tamper proofing, weatherproofing, and even waterproofing certain packages, regardless of their shape and size. The best case scenario would be to use the perfect plastic wrap and subject it to a heating source of considerable power to turn into a shrink wrapping solution. At present, a majority of small businesses are using shrink wraps for packaging even some of the bulkiest objects and at times, more than two products, together.

    Advantages of Shrink Wrapping

    Any discussion regarding shrink wraps would be incomplete without discussing more about the benefits of shrink wrapping and the possible advantages of incorporating them as the go-to industrial packaging solution.

    1.      Durability

    Shrink wraps are sturdy, to say the least, and it is quite hard to puncture or tear through the packages that have these in place. Moreover, they are less likely to get affected by cold or extreme heat and aren’t even expected to sag with time.

    2.      Affordability

    These films are extremely affordab

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  3. Why Zomato Introduced Tamper Proof Tapes?

    Why Zomato Introduced Tamper Proof Tapes?

    Believe it or not, there have been instances where valets of select food delivery services were seen consuming food from packages that were supposed to be delivered. While a few of these incidents were reported individually by the customers, some were even captured on camera and further substantiated as valid evidence. That said, in the wake of these unfortunate incidents pertaining to lack of human judgment, Zomato, one of the leading food delivery services in India finally decided to introduce tamper-proof tapes. While this initiative was a carefully devised one, the main aim of this was to save the customer from getting conned and even help the valets resist temptations, if any.

    However, before moving further into this discussion and dissecting Zomato’s actual thought process behind the introduction of tamper-proof tapes, it is important to understand the role of tamper-proof packaging, in regard to the food industry. This understanding will help us gain some additional insights regarding Zomato’s highly intuitive move.

    The Concept behind Tamper-Proof Packages and Accessories

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  4. Packaging Trends for 2019: Things to watch out for

    Packaging Trends for 2019: Things to watch out for

    What businesses and individuals need to understand is that similar to other sectors pertaining to the technological landscape, even the packaging industry is going through a dramatic shift in ideas and trends. With innovative and intuitive styles getting introduced on a daily basis, it’s high time that we start looking at the packaging trends for 2019 in order to understand and segregate diverse customer expectations. However, before moving further into this discussion, it is also important to gauge the evolution of these packaging industry trends and reasons behind ascertaining the expected changes.

    Why Packaging Trends are Necessary to look at?

    What most companies fail to gauge is the existing brand value of their products and services! This is where evolved packages come into play and for a corporate setup to stay ahead of the competitors it is necessary for the same to remain well-versed with the existing packaging trends, something that forms the crux of our existing discussion. Moreover, 2019 is a year where industrial pushovers will not be able to survive and for making progress and improving the bottom line, packaging needs to be focused on.

    So here are the packaging industry trends for 2019 that are expected to show up and even persist for a considerable period of time:

        1. Focus on Improved Flexibility

    At present, the entire packaging industry is rooting for flexibility with the major emphasis on recycling initiatives and environmental friendly entities. In 2019, we might see packaging companies taking the concept of flexibility to a whole new level with structural designs that

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  5. Gift Packaging Ideas for Easter Goodies

    Gift Packaging Ideas for Easter Goodies

    Needless to say, Easter is probably the most happening time of the year, especially if you are into treats and goodies. However, sending out goodies and treats in the form of durable and attractive Easter packaging is of paramount importance as nobody wants to receive a damaged commodity during this time of the year. That said, not every packaging idea, even if functional, is suitable for camouflaging Easter treats and goodies. While safety and hygiene matter quite a lot, the innovative side of Easter care package ideas actually holds all the aces.

    In the subsequent sections, we shall look at some of the best packaging ideas which are precisely dedicated towards Easter goodies and treats. However, before moving any further into this discussion regarding Easter packaging ideas, it is important to get some basic perspective regarding this festival.

    What Easter Brings to the Table?

    What’s important to take a note of is that Easter is actually the second largest occasion that calls for shelling out candies, almost generously. Easter packaging, therefore, is as important as any other form of packaging initiative as people mostly need to transport and send out perishable products during this period of time. For companies that are looking to create a brand image of sorts, Easter is a great occasion to concentrate on. As Easter packages are mostly innovative and attractive, they can easily help firms knit a story around the brand.

    Understanding Easter Packaging Options

    Easter is actually, a pretty interesting time for businesses to create brand awareness and build a resourceful brand presence, even in regards to packaging. People send out bunnies, eggs, and chocolates to the near and dear ones, and this is when innovation is at its peak. Here are some of the most intuitive gift ideas currently attracting a lot of positive attention:

    1. Chocolate Packaging Options e

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  6. I Wrapped My Gift in Just 2 Pieces of Tape!! Want to Know How?

    Gift wrapping can get quite frustrating with all the packing paper, tapes, ribbons and other accessories. Everybody loves gifts, but no one is ready to pack it because obviously, who would want to get into this mess. But trust me, there are ways in which the job can be done in almost a jiffy with not more than 2 pieces of tape being required to do it like a pro. Hard to believe?

    The first thing you would need for this is a box (which has been sealed properly with the contents already placed inside), an appropriate length of Premium Wrapping Paper, two pieces of tape and a lot of practice. Make sure you have everything in front of you before you start to wrap the box.

    Once prepared, just follow these steps and you would be able to impress anyone with your exceptional packing skills.

    1. Place the box at an angle towards one end or corner and then fold two corners into the center of the broad side of the gift package. Remember, the box needs to be a cuboid-shaped package for this method to work properly. You also need to estimate the correct length of wrapping paper required for your package.

    2. Now use one of the tape pieces to stick this portion to the box. It would keep the wrapping paper in place.

    3. Flip the pack over and make sure to fold the remaining paper along with it. It should be done in one swift motion to avoid a mess.

    4. Fold the remaining two corners in the fashion described in step 1 and seal everything with the remaining piece of tape.

    There you have it. Just two pieces of tape and less than 4 folds for a fast gift wrapping method. Try it out yourself and don’t forget to share your experience and tips. It would definitely help others to fine-tune this technique. And if you have not been able to get a clear idea from the text description above, then check out the below video for a better understanding.

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  7. Corporate Gift Packing to Reflect Your Brand Image

    Corporate Gift Packing to Reflect Your Brand Image

    While there can be many options for corporate gifting to choose from, extra amount of care should be taken, when it comes to choosing the Packing Material for your corporate gifts. This is because gift packing and wrapping is all about creating a lasting first impression and when it comes to representing your brand through gift packing, you need to make sure that these impressions should be no less than magical.

    So, the gift packing is about as important as the gift itself at least in case of corporate gifts, since both together serve to create your brand’s image in the minds of your customers. We all know it well that strong branding exercises comprise in being able to associate your target audience’s positive emotions with your brand.

    Understandably, a corporate gift is not a usual gift but a lot more than that. It can be actually an annual token of appreciation for its deserving employees offered to them during the festive season of gift giving. Or it can be simply a gift offered to recognize employee’s special achievements or presented to them on their retirement. The gift packing should be able to capture the emotion specific to the event in addition to living up to the brand’s image. A special and innovative gift packing can also creatively make use of your brand’s colors or your logo image to empower your brand with easy visibility and recognition.

    So, on the whole, a sensible corporate gift in a well-suited and creative gift packing serves as an amazing tool to make your clients and associates think in a certain way about your brand. So, using a pleasant corporate gift, perfectly suited for the specific occasion, you can assure your significant stakeholders that your company is loyal to them and wishes to continue your mutual tie-up. These can also win you, new clients apart from the retention of the old ones.

    DCGPAC is one of India’s topmost suppliers of packaging

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  8. DIY Craft Using Corrugated Sheets: Perfect Gift Idea this Teachers Day

    DIY Craft Using Corrugated Sheets: Perfect Gift Idea this Teachers Day

    The most rewarding feeling for any teacher is to see their pupils perform and succeed. So, it’s important for them to get the acknowledgment from their students that they have helped and what better occasion than the national teachers’ day than to convey this acknowledgment? There can be numerous ways to thank a teacher, be it a note, a card or nothing but a simple word of kindness.

    So, have you thought of any unique way to thank your teacher this Teachers’ Day? No need to worry, if you haven’t yet. With our DIY craft ideas using the humble Corrugated Sheets, it is never too late for you to get started.

    Quilled 3D Flowers:

    For making the 3D Quilled flowers (idea by artsycraftsymom) to present to your teachers, begin with sourcing some colorful corrugated sheets. Cut the different colored A4 sheets into ½ inch strips. Make sure you cut it along the shorter edge of the A4 sheet to have the zig-zag pattern beautifully all over the strip. You can adjust the width of the strip according to the amount of 3D effect you want your flowers to have and the length of each strip is the same, it being an A4 sheet.

    Roll the colored strip somewhat loose to give it the petal shape and for the center, roll it tightly. Now arrange all of these circularly to make the flower and stick all together using glue or fevicol. Let the flowers dry and set together.

    DCGPAC is a one-off supplier availing you with all the Corrugated Paper Rolls and sheets, ribbons, gift wrap and the other packing material you need to craft and send across your special teachers’ day gifts. Start with sourcing the raw material, available in our offerings section.

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  9. How Should I Organize The Office Files and Folders?

    How Should I Organize The Office Files and Folders?

    Having discussed in our previous article - why it is important to have an efficient filing system for your office documents, here’s a basic method to set-up such a filing system for your office:

    A)   Maintain a basic alphabetical arrangement

    • Your office File Folders should be organized in a basic alphabetical system if you need to maintain the database of a huge group of customers or contacts to maintain and access frequently. The use of manila or colored folders is advisable in this case to represent every contact.
    • You should write each contact’s name in a standard and uniform style on a label and place it on the folder containing all information pertaining to that contact. For example, you can simply write the contact’s last name, a comma followed by the first name.
    • You will need to sort all the files by last name and first name if you have multiple files with the same last name. Arrange your file folders in an alphabetical manner in each drawer of your file cabinet from top to bottom.
    • Label the outside of each drawer as the first letter of the last names inside them to make it easier for you to refer to them. For example: "A to G," "H to M," "N to S, "T to Z."

    B)   Create a clear categorization

    • You can consider buying a series of large hanging file folders apart from the standard manila or colored File Folders in case you need to organize a number of file categories. For example, you may have to arrange for a group of different documents such as customer files, employee files, invoices of suppliers and signed contracts.
    • Write the name of each category you're o
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  10. How to Creatively Package the Food Containers?

    How to Creatively Package the Food Containers?

    For the buyers of the consumable goods and especially those that fall in the impulse-buy category, the design and style of the packaging has a major impact on their purchase decision. These decisions are usually made by them after subconsciously weighing and analyzing all their options.

    When the buyers go out to purchase certain products, they have a few set standard rules of packaging on their minds. The fact is that a smart and neat packaging usually ends up breaking the boundaries of these rules and they suddenly develop an acceptance for it because it quickly grabs their attention and they instantly connect with it at multiple levels. The creativity and distinction of the packaging give the product an edge over its competitors, which is a great strategy to push a product in the market.

    Why take all the pain? The answer is simple: In today’s materialistic world, we all want to get our hands on something unique, creative, innovative and something that catches our fancy at first sight.

    The purpose of an outstanding packaging is to appeal to its target audience along with effectively conveying the marketing message as well as all the important information regarding the quality and composition of the product. This helps to generate positive emotions for the product brand on the minds of the consumers. Here’s all that you need to accomplish for effective customized packaging of your product:

    Have a Well-Suited Design

    Choose Customized Boxes designed appropriately to serve as the food container. For it, just ask yourself – why you need a design. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what they expect the food container to do for their convenience and style needs.

    Value and Understand Your Customers’ Needs

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