Shipping wine now easier in India!

The Indian wine industry has the potential of leading the race of the global wine market. The booming growth in the numbers of wine consumers from the country is somehow because of the increase in the number of Wine manufacturing companies in India.  

 Just like western countries, wine isn’t just an alcoholic drink, or fermented juice made out of grapes anymore to us, Indians. Now it has become a drink to complement our every course of meal. When combined with different kinds of food, the alcohol content in it helps in releasing the flavour and maybe that kick of flavour is what makes it lovable! 

 There’s still a shortage of sommeliers across the country using all the fancy vocab like bouquet, aroma, tannin and terroir to talk about wine. Yet abundant wine lovers are talking about recognizing the flavour and way to hold the glass.  

 So for all the manufacturers of wine, shipping directly to their consumers, here is an article to broaden your knowledge base on how to pack and ship wine. So you can rest assured that when the bottle is opened, the aroma, tannin and all that pleases a sommelier, remains intact even for you. 

 Whether wine bottles should be stacked Straight or Flat? 

Most commercial wines are shipped keeping them straight with their corks heading upwards. Although the Vintage or Fine wines or Premium or Good Quality or Classic wines are kept flat or in a laid position where their corks remain parallel to ground.  

 If you are sure about the storage conditions of your bottle of wine, then you can keep them flat while shipping or storing. But if you are talking about wine that is not nurtured with delicate care, then you might prefer being wary of keeping it straight. So there are no chances of leakages from the bottle. 

 Which is the Perfect Container? 

For manufacturers planning to ship, the Corrugated Boxes with the capacity of carrying several bottles at once is recommended.  

 But you are a manufacturer in India and your all wine consumers obviously won’t be asking for gallons of wine. So for all those consumers who buy a limited number of bottles, maybe just a couple of them, you can buy either Tuck in Boxes or Wine Bottle Bags. 

 The white cardboard Tuck in Box is made of 3 sheets. These are strong enough to carry the heavyweight of the wine bottles and easy to keep them stable at their place.  

 The jute Wine Bottle Bag is made to carry only one bottle at a time. With magnetic locks and D-cut handles, these bags make taking wine easier and safer for sure. The choice of colour between orange and pink makes it easier for you to deliver two or more kinds of wine to the same consumer. 

 When shipping more than one, then how to keep the bottles in place? 

Keeping multiple bottles in a corrugate box calls for adding a separator to keep the bottles in place and avoid breaking them due to collisionsCorrugated Rolls can be used for separating the bottles and keeping safe from the impact of colliding with each other. 

 And that isn’t it, there’s a little more! 

Care in taping the box close is as essential as keeping the bottles carefully. You can use Branded Tape and Printed Tape to close the box and indicate the fragility of the bottles inside(though not needed if you are shipping bottles in a Wine Bottle Bag). And then your failure-proof wine bulk package will be ready for shipping anywhere!