Key Packaging Trends 2020 - Things You Need to Know

Packaging is an all-encompassing sector that undertakes numerous marketing efforts such as technology, design, storage, shipping, and sale. The recent packaging trends have seen a major shift in the marketplace that has affected the manufacturer’s product placement and presentation. 

When it comes to the packaging industry, you would be surprised to know that the packaging industry’s market value will reach $1 trillion by 2020. The industry has literally drove gigantic growth in recent years owing to its retail packaging trends.

For leading players of the market, the packaging is an essential part of their business model that signifies their brand value. From a small retail shop to big E-Commerce stores the market is on swing as every product requires packaging, labelling, and sale.

Here are a few packaging industry trends that has completely revolutionized the idea of packaging:

Digital Printing Governing the Appearance

With the advent of digital era, images and graphics found its way into packaging and till now there is no looking back. It went on to become a leading choice among the top brands of the market that led to the growth of digital presses by 11.9% in 2017 as claimed in a study by LPC. Inc. 

Customized Packaging

This is another packaging trend that allows businesses to promote their brand with full force. It focuses on the brand story that connects with the customers and help them identify the brand. Some of the classic examples of personalized packaging include:

  • Coca-Cola printing people’s names on their soft drink containers

  • -Frito-Lay printing faces on their potato chip packages

  • -Bud Light printing football teams on their beer cans

Bold Colors and Effects is the Key to Great Sales Volume

Companies have recognized the dramatic effect of bold colors and this is the result that this packaging trend has been expanding for quite some time now. According to a statement by Information from the Pantone Color Institute,  people experience 80 per cent of their awareness from sight. And, marketers caught hold of this opportunity to grab consumer notice and retain memory by using bold colours and effects.

Greener Packaging

As the green movement gained traction in 2019 no one was left untouched by this green wave. Along with the responsibility towards sustainable goods and environmentally friendly products, the green scene is present in smaller packaging too. Reduce, reuse and recycle is the motto of everyone and packaging industry too recognized this change. As a result packaging industry also took part in this ecological fight that led to the evolution of smaller and greener packaging.

These are some packaging industry trends that are sure to pop in 2020 that predicts where the future of packaging lies. Hope these insights would help you take effective marketing steps to promote your brand.