6 Essential Packaging Solutions for E-commerce

The importance of packaging grew with its use, and the 20th century saw the advent of it. Although the real significance of packaging jumped leaps and bounds with the emergence of e-commerce, and today we cannot imagine a life without the “brown box”. In this era of E-commerce, right from our groceries to electronic items, from clothes to furniture, everything arrives at our doorsteps and all that would have been impossible without packaging. Every piece of item we order is packed to its fit which makes packaging a highly creative and customizable job.

Here we have listed 6 essential packaging solutions for e-commerce business.

1. Packaging that Fits- The product packaging should be as tight as possible, this reduces the weight without compromising the product’s integrity. Like, online packages do not need a hanging tab while a retail store packaging does. The hanging tab in a retail store packaging takes more space and offers no additional value. Reducing the size of the packaging saves on materials and shipping charges.

2. Chuck Rigidity wherever Needed- At times a packaging item as rigid as a box or plastic containers is not the best choices. Liquids could be best housed in pouches rather than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles add weight and height as well which requires more space to stock. On the flip side, pouches are flexible, and lightweight thus covering less space and adding less weight to the overall shipment.

3. Use Eco Void Fillers- Foam peanuts pose an ecological threat as disposing of them is a grave problem and thankfully better alternatives are being developed by companies. Materials like bamboo, wheat straw, and mushroom roots are being used to manufacture void fillers which are eco-friendly and do not leave a bigger environmental footprint behind.

4. Tape your Brand Name- In E-commerce packaging, taping is not just restricted to securing products, it is a great way of advertising. Get customized tapes with your company name and logo printed on it.

5. Brand Packaging- Packaging does not have to be stereotypically brown, and thus boring. Just like branded customized tapes for packaging, the boxes can also be branded. Imprint the box with colors used by your brand, or add brand stickers to them, making the boxes recognizable from distance.

6. Design for an Unboxing Experience- Design the packaging box to delight your customer. A great unboxing experience accounts a lot for positive reviews of your products and is a great opportunity to build loyalty by exceeding customer’s expectations.

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