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  1. Shipping wine now easier in India!

    Shipping wine now easier in India!

    The Indian wine industry has the potential of leading the race of the global wine market. The booming growth in the numbers of wine consumers from the country is somehow because of the increase in the number of Wine manufacturing companies in India.  

     Just like western countries, wine isn’t just an alcoholic drink, or fermented juice made out of grapes anymore to us, Indians. Now it has become a drink to complement our every course of meal. When combined with different kinds of food, the alcohol content in it helps in releasing the flavour and maybe that kick of flavour is what makes it lovable! 

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  2. Zero Waste Movement-What’s the Real Truth?

    Zero Waste Movement-What’s the Real Truth?

    Is it possible to lead a zero-waste lifestyle?  

    Yes; but, it requires extreme diligence on your part. Getting back to the basics is something that our baby boomer generation had championed. Still, it seems to be a daunting task in the present scenario. Following your conscious, you may swap plastic with cloth bags while being mindful of the waste you produce. But, when you come across the zero wasters then, you may feel insecure about the contribution you make. 

    Since we are living in a growing economy here, every product needs a dustbin to get disposed of due to its design. Gone are the days when people used to stick to organic produce, which they could easily dispose of in the soil. To this challenge, we see recycling as a solution, but it has failed too. It sometimes implies that zero waste is just an abstract and not a solution.  

    Well, zero wasters advocate recycling, which needs a circular economy to sustain and a way to write of waste from our lives. A circular economy has a restorative and regenerative approach. In a circular economy, the industry and the consumers work collectively to make things last. Here infrastructure, businesses, and individuals everyone has values, and nothing seems a waste. The idea is quite simple, "make, use, remake" over "make, use, dispose of." The ultimate goal of a circular economy is to use the products and material long enough and maximize the use of resources while keeping them in a circulating state of motion. The best example is your mobile, which is designed in a way that you can easily repair and upgrade. 

    We can have optimal use of products for a more extended time by designing them smartly that promotes re-use. Moreover, re-using and repairing seems to be the best option to increase their useful life. Also, when their life is deemed over, they can be manufactured to create a fresh product. It

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  3. Packaging Trends: What would Pick and What would be New in 2020

    Packaging Trends: What would Pick and What would be New in 2020

    Packaging trends change every year and 2020 will witness its new changes in terms of what packaging items would pick and what would be the new packaging technologies and ideas.

    Here are 4 packaging trends that would rule the 2020.

    Corrugated Packaging-

    Corrugated boxes have been around for a long time and with the rise of E-Commerce, they do not seem to slow down. E-Commerce industry has boosted and would go on to boost the use of corrugated packaging. Apart from that, there is a focus on sustainability and plastic replacement in the packaging industry which in turn is pushing the demand for corrugated packaging.

    Aesthetics and Minimalism-

    Aesthetics have been a significant part of packaging. Packaging designers around the world focus on creative ways to make packaging aesthetically more attractive. Many leaders in the packaging industry attribute the need for the change in the focus for aesthetics in packaging today to social media where the new generation wants to see attractive things. Another trend that would pick up would be the minimalistic design trend. As sustainability is a hot topic, people are not preferring over-engineered packaging, which is pushing minimalistic design ideas.

    100% Recyclability-

    Recyclability has been on the cards for a long time now. With increasing awareness of plastic pollution, people are preferring recyclable products as well as recyclable packaging. Companies and brands are taking the lead to bring this change, for example, Coca Cola recently started with a marketing campaign to encourage consumers to recycle its bottles. Environmentally-friendly and natural materials are going to be the norm for the future of packaging.

    Smart Packaging-

    Something absolutely new in the packaging industry that 2020 would witness is smart packaging. Augmented Reality, better known as AR techniques, such as cloud labelling, track-and-trace would grow. AR-enabled pack

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