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  1. A Mini Guide to Cold Shipping of Perishable Food for Small Businesses

    A Mini Guide to Cold Shipping of Perishable Food for Small Businesses

    Food by far is the most vulnerable product processed and the vulnerabilities is attributed to the perishable nature of it. Big companies can incur huge costs to ship food items which must stay cold, however small food businesses may burn a hole in the pocket that could squeeze their profits. 

    Here is a mini guide on how as a small food business you can economically ship your product that not only burdens you with extra cost and keeps your product intact. There are various conditions that affect the packaging of the product.

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  2. Types of Adhesive

    Types of Adhesive

    Packaging materials when thought about is topped by pictures of corrugated boxes, tapes, plastic bags etc. Has it ever come to your mind about the bonding agent used in packaging materials called adhesive? 

    The adhesive is like the mortar which binds the bricks in construction and thus is a building block in packaging. Adhesive sticks two objects together and these objects which stick together are called substrates. 

    There are various types of adhesives available to bind two substrates in packaging and they can be characterized by how they form the bond between the two substrates.

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  3. How Cardboard Boxes are Made

    How Cardboard Boxes are Made

    Ever wondered how cardboard boxes are manufactured? Well don’t just wonder more, we would tell you in this blog the whole process of how the cardboard box you receive every time you order something, is made. 

    Cardboard boxes start their journey from a natural resource called ‘trees’. Yes, just like paper, cardboard is made from trees as well. A cardboard box is made of flutes which are sandwiched between two liners. Fluting provides strength to the cardboard sheet and protect it from impact damage as well. In many cases these liners are made of recycled paper as well. However, every cardboard box ever made started out as a virgin paper (Kraft paper) which was made from a tree. High-quality cardboard boxes are still made from Virgin Kraft paper. 

    Step how a cardboard box is made:

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  4. Mine Some Additional Cost Savings on Corrugated Boxes

    Mine Some Additional Cost Savings on Corrugated Boxes

    Corrugated boxes are an indispensable part of storage and packing. They come with a unique blend of cushioning and structural rigidity. Ensuring right corrugated  boxes is critical for your business operations as top conditions of the products to the destination matters. Companies had been investing a significant amount of time, effort, and money. As a result, the market is on the rise.

    You would be surprised to know that the global corrugated boxes market reached a value of 176.1 billion in 2018. Therefore it would be profitable to know the estimated price of corrugated boxes, which allows brands to plan. 

    There are a great number of corrugated boxes available in the market, and cost varies depending on that. Moreover, the price increases with customizing. Here are four ways to reduce the cost of over corrugated boxes:

    Simplifying requirements:

    Brands follow the traditional route and develop packaging solutions. But, it is essential to take a step back and look at the real demand of the present to cut down cost. As products evolve through many cycles, pricing goes through many stages, so companies should come up with better costing options. You can also check the size of the boxes needed, as excess packaging may increase the costing. 

    Researching options save money:

    It’s always better to research tons of options available in the market, which helps you to weigh the pros and cons. Moreover, it is also essential to understand the requirement because once you do that, you would know that you may not require an expensive box. You can also search for different sizes available in the market to understand what suits your requirements the best.

    It’s best to optimize dimensions:

    Especially in cases of liquid packaging, if you are using corrugated boxes then, you ca

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  5. Working Out a Way Towards Manufacturer’s Pain Points

    Working Out a Way Towards Manufacturer’s Pain Points

    If you ask a manufacturer, what are your pressing pain points as you sign a contract with a packaging service provider?

    Perhaps the most emotional response to such a simple question could be, “making the process innovation and a WOW experience for its consumers.” Wowing a consumer requires some effort and companies face some challenges which are identified as pain points for the manufacturers. Let’s look into these pain points that you may be facing currently as a manufacturer:

    Unpredictable Delivery Timings

    Products delivery is out of fashion and ordering in is still in but in the new market of convenience, the packaging industry is trying to cope with this issue. Unreliable delivery schedules followed with confusion has created a havoc that whispers constraints and challenges in the ears of manufacturers.

    Lack of Robust Distribution system

    The market is suffering from the acute shortage of robust packaging. Goods are not packed in a way as to stack safely on the pallets when they are to be transported. Moreover, climate, dust, and excessive packaging seems to be the culprit and companies are failing to develop a robust distribution system that can withstand all these conditions.

    Blackhole Customer Support

    Unresponsive customer support is another issue that manufacturers face. The packaging industry is miserably failing to deliver customer satisfaction when it comes to customer support. Most of the packaging companies don’t know about your needs and program, which will make you feel like you are stuck in a black hole. 

    Limited Offerings

    You need better packaging for your items and many packaging companies tend to leave the important aspects. They design packaging boxes in generic styles or just come up with a wrong fit for y

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