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    Being the jagged part of shipping and packaging, corrugated boxes were once used as a liner for English top hats. Albert Jones of New York City was the one who patented it for packaging purposes after 1871. Since then, corrugated paper evolved into cardboard box types, like pizza, bakery, and take-out boxes.

    Depending upon strength, flap style, and utility, here are a few:

    1. Half-Slotted 

    Made out of fiberboard sheet, they come in simple design making it ideal for small, light stuff.

    2. Slotted

    Along with 2 width-wise inner flaps these include length-wise flaps. These 4 flaps provide extra strength at the bottom thus making it ideal to carry heavier items.

    3. Center Slotted

    It is an enhanced version of the slotted box which is strong. It comes with width-wise inner flaps and length-wise flaps long enough to meet when closed.


    4. Overlap Slotted 

    Here length-wise flaps are of the same width as of the box, making one of them overlap the other.

    5. Full Overlap Slotted 

    As the box closes, all the four flaps overlap each other because of similar size that adds thickness and strength to the base as well as the top. It ideal for heavy items such as refrigerators and washing machines.

    6. Die Cut 

    Here one flap snaps into the slots of the other as these are di

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  2. Key Packaging Trends 2020 - Things You Need to Know

    Key Packaging Trends 2020 - Things You Need to Know

    Packaging is an all-encompassing sector that undertakes numerous marketing efforts such as technology, design, storage, shipping, and sale. The recent packaging trends have seen a major shift in the marketplace that has affected the manufacturer’s product placement and presentation. 

    When it comes to the packaging industry, you would be surprised to know that the packaging industry’s market value will reach $1 trillion by 2020. The industry has literally drove gigantic growth in recent years owing to its retail packaging trends.

    For leading players of the market, the packaging is an essential part of their business model that signifies their brand value. From a small retail shop to big E-Commerce stores the market is on swing as every product requires packaging, labelling, and sale.

    Here are a few packaging industry trends that has completely revolutionized the idea of packaging:

    Digital Printing Governing the Appearance

    With the advent of digital era, images and graphics found its way into packaging and till now there is no looking back. It went on to become a leading choice among the top brands of the market that led to the growth of digital presses by 11.9% in 2017 as claimed in a study by LPC. Inc. 

    Customized Packaging

    This is another packaging trend that allows businesses to promote their brand with full force. It focuses on the brand story that connects with the customers and help them identify the brand. Some of the classic examples of personalized packaging include:

    • Coca-Cola printing people’s names on their soft drink containers

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  3. 9 Wedding Favours and Trousseau Packages Your Guests Will Love!

    9 Wedding Favours and Trousseau Packages Your Guests Will Love!

    The wedding season is approaching, and we all know Indian weddings are a luxury affair with all the beautiful, glittery, and flash ambiance. Wedding gifts are a part of these big fat weddings. You may also want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, so you buy expensive gifts for them, but what about wedding gift bags? We are here with some spellbinding wedding gift ideas that make your wedding favors more beautiful.

    Here are 9 beautiful gift wrapping ideas for you

    Empty cake boxes

    These come with all the bright colors, ribbons, paints, and decorative items, which enhances the party appeal and turns out to be an excellent idea for gift wrapping. You can send your guests gifts with all the candies and chocolates inside.

    Bark inspired pouches

    Bark inspired pouches are tough with a delicate look and come out to be a great gift bag. Try loading it with gummies and candies, and you will surely love the look and feel.

    Frosted carry bags

    Try something unique like a frosted carry bag if you wish to give a slightly opaque look to your wedding gift bag. You can further customize them according to the theme of your wedding.

    Faux wood gift box

    Faux wood gift boxes are economical and elegant alternatives to the expensive wood boxes. They complement the rustic wedding themes very well and can also be decorated with acrylic paints.

    Standup pouches

    These are also one of the best ways to wrap wedding gifts, especially chocolates. You can go with tastefully designed standup pouches by wrapping chocolates in these pouches. It adds a more creative element.

    Brown paper bags

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