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  1. How Important is E-Commerce Packaging to Your Business?

    How Important is E-Commerce Packaging to Your Business?

    When it comes to E-Commerce packaging, it continues to play a significant role in enhancing customers' experience as the number of consumers who embrace online shopping grows. This has caused companies to really change the way they perceive an online purchase as the packaging industry has seen numerous innovations. The ultimate reason for the companies to invest in good packaging is to see their customers happy and satisfied. Here are some reasons as to why E-Commerce packaging is important for any business:

    Economic for Companies

    Proper E-Commerce packaging significantly reduces company cost while ensuring the safety and security of the product from transit to the point of delivery. Supposedly there is a product return and you have to reship the product then, the company may need to cut out the cost from their profit. Just by ensuring that the packaging is good you can avoid the extra cost.

    Acts as a Bridge Between the Brands and Customers

    A core aspect of E-Commerce ready packaging is building relationships with customers. If your product is well packaged it creates good memories and good impressions regardless of the item that is packed inside. You are advised to add a customized logo or a label to create a distinct identity in your customer's eyes and it makes you stand out from everyone else. Always remember good customer experiences earn your customer loyalty and trust.

    Creates Impressions for Life

    It is a great opportunity to create a strong brand impression for your business. So, make sure that you get the message well

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  2. Know When You Require Protective Packaging

    Know When You Require Protective Packaging

    There might be several functions of packaging but one of the most important is ‘protection’. No matter how functional, attractive, fancy, creative or clever your packaging is, if it doesn’t protect the product inside, it’s of no use. 

    Every product has its vulnerabilities and design and a journey exclusive to it, beginning right from the factory to the shelf. Some products are fragile while others are durable to survive the whole journey without needing protective packaging. Therefore, it is very important to understand when protective packaging is necessary for your product. 

    Here are 2 factors you should consider for your protective packaging requirements. 

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  3. Is There a Difference Between a Cardboard and Corrugated Box?

    Is There a Difference Between a Cardboard and Corrugated Box?

    Cardboard and corrugated boxes are used synonymously and thus every cardboard box becomes a corrugated box and every corrugated box becomes a cardboard box. Thus generating a lot of confusion in the corrugated box terminology. But that’s not true. A cardboard box and a corrugated box are 2 different things and have different uses. When it comes to shipping, the first thing that comes to the mind of packaging professionals is corrugated boxes. To know, how they both differ, read on.

    Cardboard Box

    Cardboard can be said to be an umbrella term that may encircle the packaging of a lot of products. It is a type of board made from heavy paper pulp and products such as greeting cards, playing cards, cereal boxes, etc. can be made from it. Cardboard essentially means a single sheet molding which, can give you any desired product. Cardboard boxes are mostly printed (branded) and are generally colorful.

    What is a corrugated box

    A corrugated box is made of corrugated sheets. A corrugated sheet is a thick sheet with several layers of containerboard sandwiched. The 2 container boards on the outside are flat sheets and between them are the rippled sheets. Gluing these sheets together with a starchy glue forms a corrugated sheet. Sandwiching rippled containerboard between flat sheets strengthens the whole structure and makes it more rigid as compared to the cardboard. The boxes made out of corrugated sheets can hold more weight as they are strong and durable. Corrugated boxes can be printed and perfect for shipping products.

    Cardboard and corrugated boxes might be used interchangeably, but there is a w

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