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  1. Essential Moving and Packing Supplies to Make You Move Simply

    Essential Moving and Packing Supplies to Make You Move Simply

    I loved moving until I started packing But, it got easier with the tools. 

    Packing could be seriously irritating task when it comes to finding perfect boxes for each item and especially those who don’t properly plan beforehand could be lost easily. However there are entire stores that sell different boxes designed for specific items which are dedicated to helping people move with ease. Well, those who have ample time may do necessary preparations but, those who don’t can take help from this important list of must have packing material for moving:

    Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap for packing is best for fragile, delicate items such as dishes, glassware and it is recommended to use bubble wrap facing inwards for the best protection. It comes in handy rolls ranging from small to large bubbles. Large bubbles are used to pack heavier items like sculptures and electronic objects. There are various ways to perform bubble wrap.

    Moving Boxes

    Moving boxes is another essential packing material for moving. You  can use a combination of small and large boxes to pack different items that helps you keep boxes light and easy to carry. It is recommended to pack heavier items such as books, silverwares, tools and canned goods. And, light items in large boxes such as pillows, bedding, and lamp shades. 

    Moreover, you are advised not to leave empty spaces and use towels, clothes, or moving boxes wrapping paper to ensure stability.

    Heavy Duty Packing Tape

    It is sticky packing tape so you are advised to not to go for anything cheap as the cheapest ta

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  2. How Packaging Influences Buyers?

    How Packaging Influences Buyers?

    Marketers at the end of the 20th century realized how packaging started playing an important role in influencing buyers. Right from branding to functionality, everything about packaging started to be carefully considered.

     Today in the 21st-century packaging has been extensively researched and the effects it has on the consumer’s psyche has been understood well. Packaging puts a huge impact on the consumer buying behavior.


    1. Logo- There are emotions of the consumer attached to every brand and these emotions drive to but a particular brand. What plays important here is the brand logo. A logo can drive a strong brand recall which eventually can lead customers to buy.

    Colors- Colors are the most important part of the packaging, they play a huge role in influencing consumers. Picking the right colors for your packaging to catch the consumer’s attention and boost brand awareness.

    2. Typography- Font type and size is another important aspect of packaging. Colors are not only a factor that draws attention. Font, styling and font size and font color play an important role in brand recall. In case the words which are in most cases the name of the brand is too difficult to read, or tough to scan quickly, customers are likely to move to another product.

    3. Uniqueness- According to researches, 52% of online consumers make another purchase if they find the packaging unique. Unique packaging also enables customers to reuse them. This gives them another reason to go for repeat purchases.

    4. Functionality- A functional

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  3. Everything You Wanted to Know About Shrink Wraps

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Shrink Wraps

    We have been seeing shrinkwraps around for a long time now. Although this flimsy packaging material was invented 40 years back, in countries like India it found more common use recently. Shrinkwraps are all-round, thanks to its multi-faceted properties.

    What are shrinkwraps made of?

    So, what are shrinkwraps made of? Shrinkwraps are polymer films and can be made of different types of polymers. Although made from any polymer, these wraps have a tendency to shrink when they come in contact with a heat source. This tendency makes these films fit around like an outer covering over anything they are wrapped around. 

    Types of Shrinkwraps

    Shrinkwraps come in various thicknesses and shrink ratios, although when it comes to types, they come in 3 categories: PVC, Polyolefin and Polyethylene.


    Polyvinyl Chloride abbreviated and commonly known as PVC is the most common shrinkwraps used. The main properties of a PVC shrinkwrap are, it is lightweight and cheap. The downside of PVC is it emits a strong odour when it is heated and also is very sensitive to the change in temperatures. These properties make it ideal to use in packing unedible products such as is used heavily in the packaging of healthcare, automotive, and other products.


    Also known as POF, the polyolefin is premium than PVC and is used for packing edible foods products. POF has high tensile strength, is durable, has good resistance against puncture and can be completely recycled. POF films are clear and glossy and apart from packing food products, they are used for packing books, toys, and other items.


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