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  1. Packing Fragile Items: A little bit of Art and a little bit of Science

    Packing Fragile Items: A little bit of Art and a little bit of Science

    Moving to a new place is exciting, but most of the times the excitement turns into hassle, especially when you have to pack all the stuff for transit. Things become more aggravating when it comes to packing and moving fragile items. The anxiety of them damaging during the transit is overwhelming, which is followed by the anticipated loss.

    Well, you could be worry-free for the entire transit and all it needs is a little skill, a little common sense, and a few amazing packaging materials.

    Here are best ways to pack different fragile items for moving.


    Things you need to pack plates

    • A pair of scissors

    • Permanent marker

    • Packaging tape

    • Bubble wrap

    • Packaging/newspaper

    • Scotch tape

    • Cardboard boxes

    Now, start by wrapping plates with the bubble paper. Bubble paper is a great packaging invention. It adds cushion to fragile items and thus prevents them from damaging due to friction and collision. Use scissors to cut the perfect fit for different sizes of plates. Wrap every plate individually so that they do not rub against each other. After wrapping the plates up secure the bubble paper with scotch tape. Stack the bubble paper-wrapped plates in the cardboard box vertically, and fill the void at the corners with either packaging or newspaper. This would ensure the plates do not get displaced inside the box when there is movem

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  2. How is Cardboard Recycled

    How is Cardboard Recycled

    Apart from being a great choice in packaging, cardboard has one absolutely amazing thing about it—it is recyclable. About 70% of corrugated cardboard is recycled today, which is a great thing, as corrugated boxes are more widely used for packaging than ever, thanks to industries such as E-Commerce.

    In a world, with rising carbon emissions, bigger carbon footprints and recyclable things which could be counted on fingers, the fact that every 7 out of 10 corrugated boxes are recycled, is an achievement.

    Ever wondered how corrugated cardboard is recycled? Well, here is the whole cardboard recycling process.


    The very first step of the cardboard recycling process is collecting the corrugated cardboard boxes. Collection could differ based on the use, use by individuals or used by organizations. Talking about organizations, the first stage includes collecting cardboard boxes from different departments. The boxes collected are taken to a warehouse, inturn from there are transported to the recycling center.

    The second stage of collection is carried out at the recycling center. Since the cardboard boxes vary in size and material the recycler would tell you which ones could be recylced and which ones can not be. 


    The next step of sorting is done based on the type of cardboard. There are two popular types of cardboards: boxboard and corrugated board and sorting the 2 types  is quite easy. Boxboard boxes typically are small in size and non-coated. On the other hand corrugated boxes are generally larger as compared to the boxboard boxes. Cereal boxes and milk containers are some examples of boxboard boxes and the boxes tha

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