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  1. 6 Essential Packaging Solutions for E-commerce

    6 Essential Packaging Solutions for E-commerce

    The importance of packaging grew with its use, and the 20th century saw the advent of it. Although the real significance of packaging jumped leaps and bounds with the emergence of e-commerce, and today we cannot imagine a life without the “brown box”. In this era of E-commerce, right from our groceries to electronic items, from clothes to furniture, everything arrives at our doorsteps and all that would have been impossible without packaging. Every piece of item we order is packed to its fit which makes packaging a highly creative and customizable job.

    Here we have listed 6 essential packaging solutions for e-commerce business.

    1. Packaging that Fits- The product packaging should be as tight as possible, this reduces the weight without compromising the product’s integrity. Like, online packages do not need a hanging tab while a retail store packaging does. The hanging tab in a retail store packaging takes more space and offers no additional value. Reducing the size of the packaging saves on materials and shipping charges.

    2. Chuck Rigidity wherever Needed- At times a packaging item as rigid as a box or plastic containers is not the best choices. Liquids could be best housed in pouches rather than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles add weight and height as well which requires more space to stock. On the flip side, pouches are flexible, and lightweight thus covering less space and adding less weight to the overall shipment.

    3. Use Eco Void Fillers- Foam peanuts pose an ecological threat as disposing of them is a grave problem and thankfully better alternatives are being developed by companies. Materi

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  2. 4 Tips to Reduce Packaging Sampling Cost

    4 Tips to Reduce Packaging Sampling Cost

    The cost of packaging primarily depends on the bulk and then on the intricacies involved. But before even going there, you need to freeze on the design, and for that you need samples. Samples are finalized after a lot of redesigning and iterations and that moves the cost up. Although, you can save all that sampling cost that burns a hole in your pockets every time you order packaging. 

    Here are 4 tips on how to reduce packaging sampling cost. 

    1. Number of Samples- A trifling way to reduce the cost of sampling is to reduce the number of samples you order. The best number is either one or a maximum of 2 samples for each packaging unit you require. This would also help with handling, storing and also avoiding wastage of the samples. 

    2. Number of Iterations- Designing a custom sample for a client is not a one-strike job. There are regular designing iterations that the packaging item undergoes to reach the final acceptable design. These iterations take the designing cost up eventually affecting the price of the samples. With different prototyping techniques, these iterations can be controlled. 

    3. Pick Economical Printing- There are various printing techniques that are used for printed packaging such as rotogravure, flexographic and more. These printing options are priced at different levels. Typically, the above mentioned 2 processes may not be feasible for smaller batches. Printing techniques such as inkjet and digital printing can be much economical for smaller batches like packaging samples. 

    4.  Samples from an Ordered Lot- Packaging designs and material may vary from client to client, yet there are regular packaging items s

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  3. 10 Types of Most Used Corrugated Boxes & Their Advantages

    10 Types of Most Used Corrugated Boxes & Their Advantages

    The origin of corrugated boxes goes back to the 19th century, but not until the 20th century the “modern” corrugated box came into being. Today, these boxes made from corrugated fiberboards have become synonymous to packaging and shipping and it is unimaginable to see our world without them.

    Corrugated boxes come in various types which are majorly governed by factors such as strength, flap style, and utility. Here are a few common types of corrugated boxes that are used in day to day life:

    1. Half-Slotted- Made from one piece of fiberboard sheet, the half-slotted type corrugated box is the simplest in design. Two flaps at the top and 2 at the bottom are half the box’s width which makes it ideal for small and light stuff. The 2 flaps can be secured by pasting over the tape on the closing edges of the flaps. There are no inner flaps in half-slotted box. 

    2. Slotted- Slotted boxes are the most common types of corrugated boxes which are used. There are 2 width-wise inner flaps in addition to the length-wise flaps making them a better version of the half-slotted ones. The 4 flaps provide extra strength at the bottom thus heavier items can be boxed in these slotted boxes. 

    3. Center Slotted- An enhanced version of the slotted box is the center slotted box. The width-wise inner flaps are long enough to meet when closed as well as the length-wise flaps, making all the 4 flaps meet at the center. 

    4. Overlap Slotted- A slotted box is turned into an overlap slotted box when the length-wise flaps are of the same width as of the box, making one of them overlap the other. The flaps can be secured by taping or stapling. 

    5. Full Overla

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  4. Smart Uses of Shrink Wrap: Why Small Businesses are increasingly considering this Packaging Solution?

    Smart Uses of Shrink Wrap: Why Small Businesses are increasingly considering this Packaging Solution?

    It is evident that the packaging industry is growing in leaps and bounds with a majority of businesses constantly contemplating efficient and cost-effective solutions for protectively camouflaging their products. With packaging evolving as a prior industrial consideration, it is time we start considering shrink wraps or shrink films for the job. Although there are numerous shrink wrap applications, significant in regard to packaging, it eventually comes down to affordability, innovation, and versatility.

    What is Shrink Wrap Used For Enlisting Diverse Possibilities

    Put simply, Shrink wraps can be used for tamper proofing, weatherproofing, and even waterproofing certain packages, regardless of their shape and size. The best case scenario would be to use the perfect plastic wrap and subject it to a heating source of considerable power to turn into a shrink wrapping solution. At present, a majority of small businesses are using shrink wraps for packaging even some of the bulkiest objects and at times, more than two products, together.

    Advantages of Shrink Wrapping

    Any discussion regarding shrink wraps would be incomplete without discussing more about the benefits of shrink wrapping and the possible advantages of incorporating them as the go-to industrial packaging solution.

    1.      Durability

    Shrink wraps are sturdy, to say the least, and it is quite hard to puncture or tear through the packages that have these in place. Moreover, they are less likely to get affected by cold or extreme heat and aren’t even expected to sag with time.

    2.      Affordability

    These films are extremely affordab

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  5. Why Zomato Introduced Tamper Proof Tapes?

    Why Zomato Introduced Tamper Proof Tapes?

    Believe it or not, there have been instances where valets of select food delivery services were seen consuming food from packages that were supposed to be delivered. While a few of these incidents were reported individually by the customers, some were even captured on camera and further substantiated as valid evidence. That said, in the wake of these unfortunate incidents pertaining to lack of human judgment, Zomato, one of the leading food delivery services in India finally decided to introduce tamper-proof tapes. While this initiative was a carefully devised one, the main aim of this was to save the customer from getting conned and even help the valets resist temptations, if any.

    However, before moving further into this discussion and dissecting Zomato’s actual thought process behind the introduction of tamper-proof tapes, it is important to understand the role of tamper-proof packaging, in regard to the food industry. This understanding will help us gain some additional insights regarding Zomato’s highly intuitive move.

    The Concept behind Tamper-Proof Packages and Accessories

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