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  1. Packaging Trends for 2019: Things to watch out for

    Packaging Trends for 2019: Things to watch out for

    What businesses and individuals need to understand is that similar to other sectors pertaining to the technological landscape, even the packaging industry is going through a dramatic shift in ideas and trends. With innovative and intuitive styles getting introduced on a daily basis, it’s high time that we start looking at the packaging trends for 2019 in order to understand and segregate diverse customer expectations. However, before moving further into this discussion, it is also important to gauge the evolution of these packaging industry trends and reasons behind ascertaining the expected changes.

    Why Packaging Trends are Necessary to look at?

    What most companies fail to gauge is the existing brand value of their products and services! This is where evolved packages come into play and for a corporate setup to stay ahead of the competitors it is necessary for the same to remain well-versed with the existing packaging trends, something that forms the crux of our existing discussion. Moreover, 2019 is a year where industrial pushovers will not be able to survive and for making progress and improving the bottom line, packaging needs to be focused on.

    So here are the packaging industry trends for 2019 that are expected to show up and even persist for a considerable period of time:

        1. Focus on Improved Flexibility

    At present, the entire packaging industry is rooting for flexibility with the major emphasis on recycling initiatives and environmental friendly entities. In 2019, we might see packaging companies taking the concept of flexibility to a whole new level with structural designs that

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  2. Gift Packaging Ideas for Easter Goodies

    Gift Packaging Ideas for Easter Goodies

    Needless to say, Easter is probably the most happening time of the year, especially if you are into treats and goodies. However, sending out goodies and treats in the form of durable and attractive Easter packaging is of paramount importance as nobody wants to receive a damaged commodity during this time of the year. That said, not every packaging idea, even if functional, is suitable for camouflaging Easter treats and goodies. While safety and hygiene matter quite a lot, the innovative side of Easter care package ideas actually holds all the aces.

    In the subsequent sections, we shall look at some of the best packaging ideas which are precisely dedicated towards Easter goodies and treats. However, before moving any further into this discussion regarding Easter packaging ideas, it is important to get some basic perspective regarding this festival.

    What Easter Brings to the Table?

    What’s important to take a note of is that Easter is actually the second largest occasion that calls for shelling out candies, almost generously. Easter packaging, therefore, is as important as any other form of packaging initiative as people mostly need to transport and send out perishable products during this period of time. For companies that are looking to create a brand image of sorts, Easter is a great occasion to concentrate on. As Easter packages are mostly innovative and attractive, they can easily help firms knit a story around the brand.

    Understanding Easter Packaging Options

    Easter is actually, a pretty interesting time for businesses to create brand awareness and build a resourceful brand presence, even in regards to packaging. People send out bunnies, eggs, and chocolates to the near and dear ones, and this is when innovation is at its peak. Here are some of the most intuitive gift ideas currently attracting a lot of positive attention:

    1. Chocolate Packaging Options e

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  3. Conditions that Affect your Packaging Materials

    Conditions that Affect your Packaging Materials

    While it goes without saying that product packaging eventually determines the longevity and even salability of the concerned items, there are certain conditions, apart from the aesthetic ones which need to be taken care of before zeroing in on the perfect packaging material or design. Needless to say, the packaging industry has actually grown massively with companies increasingly relying on packaging suppliers for rendering voice and substance to their products. What needs to be understood is that a package in itself is also a product that requires utmost attentiveness and precision, in order to be efficient and functional.

    In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about the physical conditions that can affect the longevity of the packaging materials and what precautions are basically followed by the suppliers for maintaining the sanctity of the concerned packaging entities, However, before moving any further into this discussion, it is important to take note of the fact that the physical conditions impact the primary packaging, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging categories in entirely different ways and any discussion regarding the changes must take the packaging category and components into consideration.

    Condition 1: Temperature

    Temperature is the primary consideration that needs to be taken into account before moving ahead with the packaging design or material section. There are times when product packaging options include materials involving polyphenols, anthocyanin, ascorbic acid, and other chemical components. A majority of these chemical components respond well to low temperatures and additional heat changes the composition and negatively impacts longevity.

    However, some of the more physical components including parcels, boxes, labels, and tapes respond well to higher temperatures. That said, keeping them i

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